Create Syndication Network 15+ Social Accounts RSS Trigger Automated in IFTTT

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We will create you a persona syndication network with RSS triggers with 15+ High Metric web 2.0 & social media properties setup (configured and themed to integrate and trigger when you post from your website or blog)

We use an independent Google account.

This persona network is great to attach to different configurations and can be used for T1, T2, T3 Levels.

This Is How It Works

Our formula as learned through Semantic Mastery IFTTT syndication and SEO Mastermind training combines the science of SEO and the power of social media as your personal body builders for a perfect relationship of automated seo.

This powerful network configuration is setup into an automated flow using triggers with IFTTT applets and advanced configuration building backlinks that produce a tornado of authority flowing back to your website or blog.

Our program starts by building out 15+ high authority social sites around your business brand (business name) using the most authoritative social and web 2.0 sites on the web.

All networks will include most of all of the following web properties:

  • G+ Profile

  • G+ Page

  • Gdrive

  • YouTube

  • Blogger






  • Evernote





  • Weebly



  • (optional)

  • Facebook fan pages (optional)

  • And more....

You can stack this network with persona networks to create multiple Tiers which will increase authority to your T1 website or blog. A single Tier 2 is 3 to 4 persona networks using special trigger sites:

  • Blogger

  • Tumblr

  • Medium

  • Wordpress

We provide a 100% guarantee with follow up information and videos to help assist you to create the best network configuration for your site. We suggest  you look at some of the extra services to compliment syndication networks. This will only help increase your seo much faster and will increase your seo visibility.

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