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"Capture Your Viewer's Attention"

For $25.00 I will provide a white board video for your 80 word script which includes Voice Over Graphics, and Music.

For $50.00, I will provide a whiteboard video for your 160 word script which includes Voice Over, Graphics and Music.

Need more than 160 words, message me for a quote!

All I need is a voice over script and your logo.

Great for Television Broadcast, YouTube, Vimeo, Websites, and all your promotional needs. If your needs are different, please check with me before ordering. I will deliver your work with music in mp4 format unless you specify differently.

I do not provide character stories or first person scripts.  I use stock images for this gig and do not provide custom illustrations.  Message me before ordering for additional input or questions.

I do provide free revisions as long as the script doesn't change. Contact me in regard to video rates for script changes.

I only provide videos in English.  I do have samples.

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I'm Izza and I am an experienced video creator. I like to help startups and businesses build their online presence. My number one priority is to keep my clients satisfied. Feel free to message me with your project, and I will bring it to life! P.S. I'm a fast replier!

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