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Dear Fellow Marketer,

You’re probably aware that the single most effective method of online marketing is Google Adwords. Adwords is Google’s pay per click advertising platform and the only way to guarantee that a website will appear on the first page of Google...

Do you need to be a Google Partners? A certified recognizable degree in Pay Per Click or online digital marketing in overall?

With Google Partners you can...
  • Getting unlocked unlimited coupons to use in AdWords as your *commission* to give service.
  • Put your certificate it in your resume or in your LinkedIn profile and getting hired from most of digital companies or agency
  • Increase your profile awareness and visibility between online marketers community
  • Start driving new visitors to your website in minutes
  • Earn the Google Partner badge: Companies can earn the Partner badge, which shows that your business is healthy, your clients are happy, and you follow Google best practices.
  • Find new clients: Companies that earn the Partner badge can get listed on Google Partner Search, our search engine for Partners. Advertisers use Google Partner Search to find companies that can help them with their online advertising and website needs.
  • Connect with Google: Get access to special events and trainings, industry research, product updates, and the Google Partners Community. You'll also get access to AdWords promotional offers for prospective and existing clients.

While the problem is, it's really hard to pass the exams, the questions are really hard to answer and it becoming harder in the recent years.

Basically only Two Exams to pass and you will become AdWords certifiied.

1. Google AdWords Fundamentals
2. Google AdWords Search Advertising
3. Google AdWords Display Advertising
4. Google AdWords Video Advertising
5. Google AdWords Shopping Advertising

To become an AdWords certified professional, you are required to pass the Fundamentals exam and one of the additional advertising exams from the remaining four. It means you need to pass two exams in all. Fundamentals is a required exam, whereas you can take any one of the other four as your second exam.

Image pmifX0Kpng

I can help your business become more profitable...

Cost to get Google AdWords Qualified Individual certified professional are only $10 (One AdWords Fundamentals and one of search/display/video/shopping) all of them are guaranteed to pass 100%

Other service is Google Analytics Certified (based on request) which is also $10

Certificate will valid mostly 1-2 years after completion.

If in other way I couldn't fulfill the task, or I couldn't get you certified within the timeframe allowed then I will refund your money immediately.

Turn around time ==> 72 hours maximum, 48 hours most likely.

Order now, this is the cheapest one of its kind which could increase your career path to the top!

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I have worked for 6 years as an Digital Marketer and 3 years as a Web & Graphic designer. I have improved SEO for many businesses and designed beautiful graphics & videos. I am a certified Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing Adwords & Hubspot Inbound Markting & Design Certified Export.

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