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Google Map Entity Stacking

✓ Help BOOST Map Pack Listings / Also will improve your site rankings!
✓ 100% Manual WHITEHAT Link Building
✓ Takes 4-5 hours to do by hand
✓ Google LOVES THIS - Because it is using its own entity!

Phase 1: Listing Ranking Initiation

✓ Create a Google My Maps Entity and power your Local Listings
✓ Create additional Google My Maps Listings and STACK IT to increase trust flow
✓ Locate it in the same City/Suburb you want to rank in

Phase 2: Google My Maps Optimization

✓ We Optimize the Google My Maps listing by using the following:
✓ Done For You - Geo-tagged Images
✓ If you have a YouTube Video you can give us, if not, we will find a Niche Relevant Video
✓ Create a 500-1000 word article
✓ Link out to your Website

Phase 3: Boost Me Now w/ Web 2.0 Entity Stacking

✓ Domain Authority Stacking 
✓ 3 Google Property Boosting: Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slideshow

What We Need From You:

✓ Money Site URL
✓ Main Keyword
✓ 5 Supporting Keywords
✓ NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
✓ Short Description of Your Company

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about 3 years ago
Interesting gig, Great customer service and communication. I will update reviews after ranking movement....but so far great experience.
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about 3 years ago
Awesome job!
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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
Would advise anyone looking to purchase this, to AVOID. Really spammy and poor quality, some pages removed already, half arsed websites, that are not fully complete (default text). Really wish I hadn't of bothered. No movement to rankings, as you would expect - though early days but this is built in such a rubbish way, I don't believe the seller has a clue what they're doing or any understanding of what would benefit and help with local SEO. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. In fact, KonKer, THIS GIG SHOULD BE REMOVED!
Thumb logo2
about 3 years ago
Hey addy, we showed you exactly what we do 3 times. Video + infographic + description. So it is very clear with what you are getting. If there are any links that are down simply message us amd we will replace them for you in 24 hours. Also, it has only been a couple of days since we finished the gig, the links have not even been indexed yet. It takes 2-3 weeks on avg to see any movements for any type of link building. If you need any seo help about how link building works, checkout source university :)
Thumb me
about 3 years ago
Thumb moneycrown
about 3 years ago
Thumb selfie9
about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
Great work!
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about 3 years ago
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