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I will research and find the right audience for your Facebooks Campaigns. Facebook is the number one marketing platform and best one that is out there but it is totally useless if you don't know how to find and target the right people who are most likely to buy from you. That's why it is crucial to market to the right people to get the most profit of out of your marketing budget. So here is where I come in and do the marketing research for you and give you the exact audience to sell to.

Marketing Research includes what pages to target, what groups to target, what Magazines to target, what celebrities to target, and what age/gender to target.

Besides paid Marketing, I will also create responsive Facebook Posts for you to get the most organic traffic to your Facebook Page which will also drive traffic to your website or landing page where you can sell your product or service. Facebook Posts include high quality custom made Pictures made with Canvas. The post will also include copy to compel your viewers to click on the page and look around.

Why my services cost $5?
The only reason why my services cost $5 is because I just created my account on Konker and I am trying to get as many clients as possible to create a good and healthy reputation on this platform. After that, the price for my services will surely go up so please don't come back to afterward and complain to me why my services cost so much. Thanks!

Note: I will just give you what Audience to target, you have to spend the money on Facebook Ads to target those people and you must have enough budget to spend on ads for at least straight 20 days. Most of the time, the reason why people don't get results from their Ads is because they don't run their ads for long enough. But you also don't need a massive budget. You can start with only $5 a day on Ads and as you see your ads are making you money or are bringing in the desired results, you can increase the budget or apply whatever strategy you use to optimize the winning ad.

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