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Hello! As a student myself, I understand that many people either can't type fast enough to fully type out their own work such essays and assignments or simply don't have the time to do so due to certain circumstances. This can be really stressful and may cause several issues for a person whether they're related to school, work, etc; this is where I'd like to help out. For $5, I will proofread and type any handwritten work you have for me to do, not exceeding 1500 words. Once I've done so, I'll send the Word file back to you immediately via email and off you go! (Also, for those of you wondering, on the average day I can type 90-95 WPM consistently)
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Hey! As a student, sometimes it can be hard to get a decent income. To do this, I'm currently offering a typing and proofreading service to do on the side with the spare time I have. I'm reliable and always make sure you're satisfied with the outcome of my service, so please consider me! Thank you.

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