Up to 250 MANUAL! DA100-30 CUSTOM Social Profiles

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Do you need backlinks to your money sites?

Manual profile submission is essential for boosting authority of a website. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry, we'll do the right thing four you!

After all the major Google updates the SEO strategies have changed. SEO experts are suggesting mainly 2 things:
  1. High Quality Manual Link Building at
  2. High Authority sites

If you want to stay on top, you must stick to backlinks from sites that Google trusts and they should also have a good Alexa rank. Hence: Profile submission from High Authority sites.

Are all profile submissions effective? Not at all. For profile submission, the link must be dofollows. Nofollow profile backlinks are a total waste of time and money.

So how effective is this service package?

What´s in it for you?

We create manual profile links from dofollow sites with high PR and good Alexa ranking!

  • This service is for 1 URL and 5 keywords
  • Manual work - Custom orders welcome - contact us before you order for custom pricing
  • We guarantee 80% dofollow links (so that there is a natural mix with the nofollow links)
  • Different unique IP addresses
  • User and password will be provided
  • Totally safe from all the latest Google´s zoo (penguin, panda and humming bird)
    • With variety of PR value sites we ensure natural looking backlinck portfolio (Google knows that something's wrong if you only have high PR backlinks - they aren't stupid)
  • Detailed report

N O T E: This profiles only support specifying the Username and description. For extra features like adding address, logo, phone, longer description, geo optimized images, links to other social profiles like facebook, linked.in, instagram etc. please go order FULLY FILLED profiles here: http://www.konker.io/services/4293

What's the difference between Normal, Custom and Fully Filled profiles?

Normal profiles are designed to mimic profiles of the people that "liked" your URL. So we put all random data in the profile (username, name, address, location, ...) and in the section of "recommended sites" or something we put your site URL.

Custom profiles are designed to mimic profiles of the people that "liked" your URL, but in a more SEO efficient way. We put all random data in the profile (name, address, location, ...) EXCEPT the username and description that you provide so you have a slight control of the data of the profile.

Fully Filled profiles are designed to be the "official" profiles of the business itself (they are for local businesses which URL you supply). That way, we put everything it says in the service as a official data - so we have the correct Name, Address, Phone etc. Under "recommended sites" we put other social profiles links (like Facebook, linkedin, g+, youtube, etc). Also, one of the major difference is that you can specify the username which in turn goes into the URL of the profile itself.

Which ones should I get?

If you're coming from OMG, most certainly Fully Filled ones, especially if you are in the Local SEO. If Fully filled ones are outside of your budget you may consider Custom ones. If you know what you are doing and you have too optimized keywords then Normal ones are for you!

Adult, Gambling, Porn, Escort, Alcohol and other adult niches (hint: contact us ;) )

  • If you order the profiles package from the extra, you will get only the number of profiles that are in that extra package, without basic (so for 50, you will get only 50, NOT 50+20)
  • Basic package includes 20 PR10 to PR5 submissions ($0.70 per manual submission).
  • ONE URL per order only!
  • We have a limited number of offers we can process at a time! Don't miss out!

  • Basic package of $14 includes 20 CUSTOM Profile Submissions ($0.70 per manual submission).

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    Great service. Completed it faster that expected and really did a great job. Thanks
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    Thanks for the quick turn around and outstanding service. I will be back for more soon!
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    Spot on, thank you!
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