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Now includes a guide worth $497 teaching you how to rank the site in less than a month using PARASITE SEO. All BLACKHAT methods used to rank and bank. 

  • Have you wasted countless dollars online trying to rank your sites?
  • Have you ranked first page and have the website not make you a single dollar?
Internet marketing has got a LOT harder to profit from over the last few years. It is no longer a case of making a simple 3 page site and blasting links to it making $50,000 a month from the site. Now, you have to spend hundreds trying to rank and even when you do...SPLAT! Google hits you with their infamous ban hammer.

Everyone and their dog are trying to rank for e-commerce keywords now meaning competition is at an all-time high.

There's a much better way of generating passive income online but it requires you to leave your morals behind.
  • No, you are going to be scamming anyone.
  • No you are not going to steal money from anyone.
  • No, you are not going to leave anyone bankrupt.
You simply going to exploit people's GREED and STUPIDITY online. There are many stupid people online who are looking for ways to cure their boredom and that usually involves playing games. Who are these stupid people you're curious about? KIDS.

Kids, as cute as they are, are not very intelligent when it comes to being online and that could be exploited. You are simply going to offer them what they desire RIGHT NOW. Kids are searching for the most BS keywords ever of things they want which do not exist. Therefore, you, the blackhat mastermind are going to provide a way of them receiving it. Will they get it? Maybe.

But by then, it's too late. They've wasted 2 minutes of their life completing a FREE CPA offer to get something which doesn't exist. No harm done. You've made an easy $2.00 from this. Multiply by 1,000 kids searching for that magic bullet and you see where I'm going with this.

Introducing: Tactical Black Hat Keywords

These keywords are NO COMPETITION, NO BULLSH*T, EASY TO RANK CPA keyword designed to generate passive income. Unlike other CPA keywords, these ones are built using human psychology as a base.  Using kids stupidity and greed, we can exploit them using black hat tactics which work 99% of the time. 

After creating 20+ sites using these Black Hat Keywords, I was able to generate 200,000+ views to my site earning me $25,000 and that's only from 1 network.

These Black Hat CPA Keywords aren't cheap. I went through a long process to gather these black hat keywords so I won't be selling them cheap.

For 1 keyword, it will cost $77. This will include 1 Black Hat CPA keyword, an SEO guide teaching you how to rank the CPA keyword, and a guide teaching you how to set up the CPA site and register for a CPA network.

If you would like 24/support, send me your Skype so I can contact you instantly.


almost 7 years ago


Great keyword man!


almost 7 years ago


DON NOT ORDER FROM THIS GUY! I made an agreement with him to do some manual keyword research for $99 (https://puu.sh/xRqg2/2f57694d6d.png). He delivered a completely unusable report with rubbish keywords (even non-english ones) and he promised to deliver a new one with my criteria and he never did as you can see in this Skype conversation: https://puu.sh/xRq68/5e26d0492d.png. Do with it what you want, but I'm not ordering from this guy again!


over 4 years ago

This is false. I do not do outside promotion of the services for manual services. Can you provide evidence via Konker chat?


almost 7 years ago


Looks good - will try it out. If it works, will be back for more. Many thanks.


almost 7 years ago


Keyword is great, exactly as described. Looking forward to getting this all set up! Thank you again, will be back for more keywords asap!


about 7 years ago


This is really mindblowing!


about 7 years ago



about 7 years ago


Keyword provided indeed seems to be very low comp but at the same time high converting with decent traffic. Ranking guide also provides a lot of value showing not only how to rank but also recommended services used so you can easily outsource the whole process.


about 7 years ago


Awesome service here for the price. I loved the way the method was laid out in specific steps. The seller was really helpful in answering all my queries. I see a huge potential with this keyword given to me. It is indeed a very low-competition, high-converting keyword from what I can see. I'm so excited to finish the ranking process for this keyword.


about 7 years ago


Super helpful, super resourceful, super lucrative - I mean what more do you want?


about 7 years ago


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