Install Private SMTP Mail Server with deliver Power MTA and Interspire

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I have been setting up PMTA/SMTP/Interspire/ for last 5 years.
I will set up Power MTA with Interspire Email Marketer on your VPS/Dedicated server for One time fee.

What you get?
=>Installation Power MTA v4.5 and License Activation.
=>Creation and Configuration of the Virtual MTA in PowerMTA configuration file
=>Setting up PowerMTA Monitor
=>I will Configure up to /24 IPs
=>Interspire Email Marketer with Plugins
=>1 million spamtraps
=>MySQL + phpMyAdmin
=>Install Fast Importer ( Import 100,000 Contacts in 20 Seconds )
=>Define Bounce back emails
=>Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling
=>IP rotation
=>Generating DKIM key and Configure it
=>Update your SPF with required IP.
=>Updating of the DNS ( A , MX, TXT record)
=>Create Cron Jobs
=>MX/ElHO Implementation
=>ADSP Set up
=>Loading IP Pool

I Don't need cpanel's. If you have it's okay. But I never use that.

You do not have to buy any Interspire/PMTA as i have everything ready to set up.

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