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24 days on average

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✓ Builds a STRONG site foundation
✓ 100% Manual WHITEHAT Link Building
✓ Takes 7-8 hours to do by hand

Phase 1: Listing Ranking Initiation
✓ Create a Google My Maps Entity and power your site
✓ Create additional Google My Maps Listings and STACK IT to increase trust flow
✓ Locate it in the same City/Suburb you want to rank in

Phase 2: Google Maps Stacking
✓ We Optimize the Google My Maps listing by using the following:
✓ Done For You - Geo-tagged Images
✓ If you have a YouTube Video you can give us, if not, we will find a Niche Relevant Video
✓ Create a 500-1000 word spun article
✓ Link out to your Website

Phase 3: Google Site Stacking
✓ Domain Authority Stacking - stack all properties together to supercharge✓ 3 Google Property Boosting: Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slideshow
✓ Silo ALL links on the main hub - Google Site

Phase 4: Web 2.0 Entity Stacking
✓ Create 5 web 2.0s with Domain Authority Stacking
✓ Complete NINJA-STYLE interlinking between all web2.0 properties + Google Properties

Phase 5: Google Cloud Stacking - DA 68+
✓ Powerup the Google Site + your money site with a DA 68 Backlink
✓ Backlink is from Google Cloud! - Google’s own property
✓ This powers your money site + ALL THE OTHER ENTITIES WE CREATED

Phase 6: Amazon Backlink - DA 87+
✓ Get a backlink RIGHT FROM AMAZON
✓ Powerup your money site + Google Site => Powers EVERYTHING

Phase 7: OMG there is a Phase 7?!
✓ We send 10x TF25+ PBN links to the Google Site (the main hub) to power everything up
✓ We use PBNs for tier 2/3 links so your main money site is safe!
✓ No reports will be shown - to maintain security of the network

Phase 8: Powerup the Cloud + Amazon Links
✓ Send 5 High Tier PBN Links with TF 25+ to BOTH Amazon and Google Cloud Links
✓ This powers your site using complete WHITEHAT methods

This is a complete white-hat service! No risk of penalization! Get backlinks from 100 DA sites to supercharge your website




Q: What if I already have web 2.0s and google stacking?
A: That's fine! Firstly you can never have too many, and we will be creating a brand new entity with new structures so it will have a stronger effect

Q: Is this safe?
A: Yup! We are using web2.0s and google's own entities to rank. The PBNs that we use are used as tier 2/3 links, so there will be no footprints left on your site
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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
Hello Great job once again
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about 3 years ago
Great Service!
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about 3 years ago
Excellent job. GReat gig!
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about 3 years ago
Delivered with speed! Thank you so much! Awesome job!
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about 3 years ago
Thumb chris ceo direction marketing llc
about 3 years ago
Excellent job! Perfectly executed, you're awesome! Thanks again!
Thumb chris ceo direction marketing llc
about 3 years ago
Awesome service, excellent communication, delivered fast, I'm so happy! Thank you!
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about 3 years ago
Very interesting gig. It would have taken me at least 1 full day to create all of this. Will order more real soon.
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about 3 years ago
Great customer service and communication. I will update reviews after ranking movement....but so far great experience!
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