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Hi There.

You maybe thinking why the hell is someone providing links on their money site.

Answer is:  

I am in need of an immediate income to pay off a bill.  I can afford this bill it's just easier to do it this way.

My money site is in the:
Garden Furniture niche but is also tied very closely to Camping and Outdoor Eating and Outdoor Events.

What you will get:

You can choose whether your site is a text link or Image link (You provide Image).

I will include this link on my website within 24 hours.  
Your link will be in the format of either adding it in an existing post or i will create a unique post (Approximately 500 Words)

I will provide you with the url of my site once i have completed the Gig.

No refunds will be made as on completion of this Gig i will have revealed my money site url.
You must understand that this is to protect my site.

Site stat:
Over 500+ visitors per month in very competitive niche
.com tld
Currently making money from Amazon
This is a review website and still being built out (currently has 20 posts and more soon)
site is 4 months old.

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Hi. My name is Shaun and I live in the United Kingdom. I create websites for local businesses and also help with ranking them for local search terms. Any further questions don't hesitate in contacting me. Cheers Shaun

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