I will create a mobile app for your business!

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29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >

100% fully operational mobile app for your business on both Android and iOS!

Cool Features:

  • Home page
  • Store/product page
  • Blog
  • Event page
  • Music/media page
  • Pre-orders
  • Announcements/push notifications 
  • Customer support
  • Membership/loyalty programs
  • POS integrated system

Turnaround breakdown:

  • 1-2 weeks to develop the app
  • 1-2 weeks to bug test the app
  • 1-3 weeks for Android approval
  • 4-12 weeks for Apple approval
Total: 7-19 weeks. On average about 12-15 weeks. 

Please note: 29 days is the maximum limit for delivery. While your app may be ready for Android by then, it will certainly NOT be ready for iOS by then. Apple is the biggest reason this will take so long. The sooner everything gets finished the sooner I can submit it to Apple.

Breakdown of payment:

  • $1428 for hosting (renewed annually)
  • $99 for iOS license (renewed annually)
  • $25 for Andriod licenes 
  • $998 for 82 hours of bug testing
  • $500 graphic designer fees
  • $250 KonKer commission fee
  • 1699 to me, the developer
Total: $4999

I specialize in apps for restaurants since I can link the app to your POS; making online orders, or pick up orders quick and easy. This will boost repeat visits and increase customer retention. It will also increase efficiency due to shorter lines. Though restaurants are my specialty, I can make an app for any business. 

You get unlimited revisions before I submit the app to Android and iOS. Once I get your final approval I will submit it to them. Please note that any revisions after submitted will result in further delay to the final product and a fee may be added. 
Please message me BEFORE buying! Serious inquiries only!

Please note: the app is good for one year. To be renewed and maintained an annual renewal fee will be established. 

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I am a young entrepreneur. I have been doing free lance work online for the past 5 years and I have started 5 companies, 3 of which were successes. Through these companies I have learned to market, sale, brand, and many other skills that are acquired when starting a company.

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