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This is for you if talking on the phone is better for working through marketing strategy. 

My educational background is in accounting, but I have professional local ad agency experience, and my own business.

From my business, I have experience with high ticket marketing consulting clients from London to Spain, all the way to Texas and California, and may try to sell you these monthly services during the call if I see we are compatible. However, if that is the case, this time will not count towards your 15 minutes of strategy.

Please have a pen and paper, or a way to take notes ready. If I am unable to fully answer your questions on the call, I will be happy to get back with you later that day on my quick research, or get you in touch with the right specialist. 
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Hello, my name is Alex. I help short term and long term clients by assessing their learning style and accordingly coaching them to redefine their online presence. Often, I do well to witness their breakthroughs in becoming more independent online marketers.

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