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Marketing online moves fast. It's annoying. At least, it was until you found me. We may truly work out a breakthrough plan for you moving forward in your online business, with my background in accounting and marketing to support critical analysis, swift strategy, and strong execution. 

Hi, I'm Alex and it's nice of you to stop by my Konker. I used to use the saying, "Exclusively on Fiverr!", but now I’m running a high ticket consulting company charging clients well over $1k/month, and refining my practice here on Konker.

Mark Twain once said, "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." And a lot of people 'get' what he means by this. For example, business owners like you take stock of the digital marketing situation daily and look for what they can be doing better.

If they are on the majority's side, and there by habits which creates lifestyle, how or what inclines them to reflect and create something different? Depending on the market and measures of these buying habits, what are their actions or thoughts as they


A. reflect inwardly,

B. researche online,

C. and eventually signs up for a class, or make a purchase?

If we can detail-in that above by focusing on conversion optimization, we can better answer: Are we creating content for those and others whom with specific habits that cause them to reflect, say they want YOUR SERVICES and follow through?

The steps (a, b, c) assume for them to research online this investment, but much can also be done for brick and mortar business owners. Your framework for SEO, Marketing, and anything between should be built off the main inspiration you bring to the table, which is then aimed directly at making those sales through a solid framework.  

I go over real knowledge, strategy, and execution like this in greater detail in each month of my consulting. The service here is very much depending on your situation. Please, contact me with your story, goals, and any questions before purchasing, let me know! :)



P.S. I stick around even when things don't turn out well the first time. 

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Hello, my name is Alex. I help short term and long term clients by assessing their learning style and accordingly coaching them to redefine their online presence. Often, I do well to witness their breakthroughs in becoming more independent online marketers.

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