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Excuse my strong language but it had to be said!

I've found over 50+ easy as hell to rank local SEO keywords worth well over $1,000+ a month per client each!

After many months of trial and error and 4 failed iterations of my keyword software, I've found a few keywords that my software has spat out and they are by far the best keywords you can grab hold off. These keywords are in high profit industries making well over $500 per client.

These businesses need more customers and YOU are their hope.

Once you rank these keywords, you'll be able to rent out the site for $1,000 a month in passive income EASILY!


What will I get?

Once you order this gig, you will get your hands on a ZERO competition local SEO keyword, as well as an SEO report teaching you how to rank. As well as this, you'll also get a FREE guide teaching you how to close SEO deals and land your rank and rent clients,

If you're interested in building your own massive client SEO empire, then you definitely need to start with these GOLDMINE keywords. Starting a site without the right easy keywords will make your job harder.

In just TWO months, I'm ceasing all operations of this keyword service. I'll no longer be giving out my precious keywords to anyone.

The monie$$$ will be all mine!

Here's a few things you can do with the keywords:

  • Rent out the website for $1,000 per month to clients in high end industries
  • Sell leads for $20+ a pop and generate a business network in high industries

"Buuuuut... don't I have to be an advanced search engine optimizer to make BANK?"

Absolutely NOT.

To prove this to myself, since I'm experienced at SEO, I handed over one of my JUICY keywords to a good friend of mine. My friend? He sits behind a desk and answers calls all day long for an out-reach customer support company.

He had no IM experience.

Within just two to three months of receiving a keyword, and of-course my PERSONAL blueprint guide, he was able to rank #1 for his target KW!

He's now raking in an extra $1,000 per month and he's committed to joining IM full time. (he'll be my manager among the 9 employees forthcoming...)

SO, there you have it. I was able to prove to myself that just about ANYBODY can rank for these KWs, as long as they follow the exclusive blueprint report (soon I will not be giving this GOLDMINE of information out) attached along with the keyword which contains an unshared SEO section.

This was IMPORTANT to me, as I wanted to make sure I wasn't fooling myself with the competition analysis. The keywords really are THAT easy to rank, even a complete NEWBIE could rank them!

Here's proof of my lead generation earnings on autopilot 

These earnings took less than 60 minutes to make. I simply collected the leads from my local SEO website, formatted it into an excel file and sent them off to high end clients for $x,xxx. 


about 6 years ago


Useful and clever!


about 6 years ago




over 7 years ago


Holy crap man are you kidding me?! Why are you even selling these? It's a goldmine. Dude I swear you just made my day. Just checked the competition on this keyword and it's definitely easy as hell to rank. The SEO report and sales technique guide is definitely helpful. Will be back for more.


over 7 years ago


Wow man, AMAZING keyword. Why are you selling it for such low prices?! I've been in the rank and rent SEO business for quite a while now and haven't thought of such an easy keyword. You're a legend! Deffo buying more as we speak.

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