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We're back and we're better than ever. We are the #1 rated keyword supplier on Konker, for 3 years running. Look at our reviews and see how profitable your website can get with keywords that can DOMINATE the SERPS the rank #1. 

We are doing a black Friday sale for $20 for profitable keywords. After the sale is over, expect the price to go back up to $99 so hurry now

How low competition are these keywords?

OK, listen here!

These keywords have VERY little competition. They have everything an SEO like you would ever want.

  • No competition from any SEO or IM individual
  • Little to not links placed on the sites and has very weak backlink profiles
  • High product value ($500+ per sale)
  • Stupid sites with no bloody relevance showing up on the first page of Google

The keywords that I'm selling on Konker are free from the grasp of SEO and IM individuals. No one in the internet marketing community know that these keywords even exist, not even Becker ;)

These keywords are free from parasite pages and other websites IM guys would build. They are random little niches and areas that people have just never picked up on, they are unexplored, uncharted lands for you to invade. All keywords will comply to these metrics at the time of sale.

What am I supposed to do with the keywords?

Luckily, for the mentally deficient among us I am going to include a complete guide to what I was going to go and do with them.

No secrets, no BS... if you're new to SEO, this will help you

If you're experienced, the guide probably won't tell you anything new but I had a simple plan that was to turn each keyword into a $5000 website and move it on.

All keywords you will get are commercial, this means people are searching this stuff looking to BUY something with a minimum product value, depending on your package. These are absolutely ideal keywords for Amazon affiliates, but can also be used for guys looking to drop ship products or perhaps build an ecommerce store.

To cut it short:

These keywords will make money as long as you are not useless. 

This is not a promise or guarantee as this completely depends on what you go and do, but I'm confident any SEO that knows the basics of what the fuck they are doing will get results. Perhaps even an idiot would be capable of getting results.

What exactly will I get?

An awesome keyword, a report explaining why the keyword is awesome, a guide to what the fuck you should do with the keyword and 24/7 support while you build your site and make your first affiliate sale.


Can I chose the niche or category the keyword is from?

No, can you fuck.
These keywords were found by us and we are running this as a get what you're given operation. Possibly in the future as we scale the software we can offer something like this, but as it stands the keyword you get could be anything from dog leashes to sex toys for people who want to fuck the monsters out of Avatar. (Don't rank for these, they're mine)

Putting this in its most simplest format.

These zero competition keywords WILL make you moolah as long as you have the simplest idea of what to do with SEO.

I want to be VERY clear with this. This is in no way, shape or form a guarantee. I don't know you so I can't judge your ability and knowledge of SEO. What I can say however is that this keyword service will make you money 100% if you know SEO, even in its simplest form.

You don't have to be an SEO expert to rank these keywords. In fact, you can rank these keywords even with no SEO experience because I'll be helping you every step of the way.


Why am I selling these keywords if they could make me a LOT of money?

OK I'm going to be straight forward here. I'm an entrepreneur. I have wants in life that I want to fulfil. The money generated from the keyword service will help me get start up cash for my business I want to open. Even if the keyword doesn't sell, I won't be shedding a tear because I'll have an army of ZERO competition keywords that I could start a site with and sell for $x,xxx - $xx,xxx down the road.

Why should I buy keywords from you?

OK, I'll admit this. The keyword service I'm offering is quite pricey for a single keyword ($20) but I want you to take this into consideration. My keyword service is the ONLY one in the business here at Konker that sells truly ZERO competition keywords. It cuts out the time consuming work for you and finds keywords for you that can start generating you money. Even better, you won't have to spend $500+ on SEO packages hoping you'll rank because this keyword service already guarantees no competition keywords that don't require more than $200 to be spent.

Which of these do you prefer?

A $5 keyword service from Fiverr where they hand you any old rubbish with high competition. 


A ZERO competition keyword that could make you passive income every month with very little work?

I'm simply handing you a gold bar on a platter here. It's up to you whether you want to take it or not.

Why would I spend $20 on a single keyword when I can do this myself for free?

Yeah sure you can go ahead and find your own keywords. Answer me this though. Would you be able to find truly 'no competition' keywords that have product values of $500+? Even if you do manage to find a keyword that meets this criteria, at what cost do you get it? A couple hundred dollars spent on software, keyword research programs, MOZ, SEMRush and other subscription?

With our service, you're getting a gold plate handed to you on a platter. These keywords cut out the time consuming work of keyword research. You will buy this keyword service with the confidence knowing that these have zero competition and are easy to rank with very little resources and generate you over $500+ per sale.  

What will you get?

You'll receive one keyword with 1,000 - 2,500 monthly searches which has no competition whatsoever. The keyword has buyer intent and is an Amazon keyword. It will come with a full report on how to monetize the keyword and rank for it.

So what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!

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almost 3 years ago
over 5 years ago
Great keywords and a straight to the point guide. Thanks
about 6 years ago
about 6 years ago
Awesome! Exceeded expectations.
over 6 years ago
thank you for this jump start!
over 6 years ago
Freaking AMAZING!!!! I WANT THESE ALL FOR MYSELF....... (And my friends and family whom I like Muuuhahhahahaha #EvilLaugh)
over 6 years ago
amazed at the open market found. Ill be back for sure thumb up
over 6 years ago
Really good service. Provided an in depth report on my keyword and how to rank it. This is my first Amazon site and I plan on following the guide. If I can rank it I will be back for more keywords. Thank you.
over 6 years ago
Always Awesome!!
over 6 years ago
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Alright you cunts, listen up. I may be new to Konker but I'm DEFINITELY not new to SEO. I've been in this business for 4 years and since then I have created some badass Amazon Affiliate sites that are generating me $15,000 per month..I've decided to help out to Konker and help you all out.

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