I'll do the blog outreach, write the content & get link.

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Build Powerful Backlinks with my Blogger Outreach Service.

Securing editorial in-content links and mentions on genuine websites. From DA 10+ to DA 50+ I can get you best links depending upon your capacity and budget.

So how this works?

Here's the process in a nutshell:

  1. Gather a list of prospects
  2. Qualify each and every prospect
  3. Spend time building a relationship with the blogger
  4. Reach out to the blogger and see if you can place a link on their site
  5. Wait for responses (and get used to hearing the word "No")
  6. Write a well-developed piece of content for the blogs that accepted your request
  7. Submit the content to the blogger for approval
  8. If you get approved, land a beautiful relevant backlink

Pretty intense process, right?

Good news is this GIG comes to rescue your content marketing efforts:

My service is responsible for every single one of those 8 steps above.

  • I prospect for blogs within your industry (or use those already in our database).
  • I qualify each and every prospect.
  • I build the relationship.
  • I do the outreach.
  • I withstand the onslaught of NO's
  • I craft the content
  • I get you the awesome backlink
I understand this is a very time consuming process and you don't want to waste your time doing this instead of just focusing on what you do best.


Just purchase the Gig and lookout for extras. 

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