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★ How Website Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking??? ★

Well, BIG impact, when Google's Matt Cutts announced that slow-performing mobile sites would soon be penalized in search rankings as well.

Faster site mean:

  • Better user experience, low bounce rates.
  • High Optin, improve ROI and conversion rates.
  • High Average time on-page, better chances to show up on search SERPs.
  • Faster sites create happy users. ( the faster users see your page, the happier they are )

What will you get after the optimization:

  ✓ Site Optimized with Caching, Database Optimize, and reduce page size, page load time.
  ✓ Site will be a lots faster.
  ✓ Send Reports before and after Google PageSpeed Insights & Yslow.
  ✓ Bonus advice on how to keep the speed up all time.

Make your site faster now and keep your visitors happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do I need to speed up your site?
A Just WordPress Login. Your login will be safe with me. ( Privacy matter ). And please remember to remove it after I'm done.

Q How long do I need to speed up your site?
A Normally one day to two day

Q What is Green Check Mark on Google Page Speed?
A Mean there is no significant issues found. You should aim to this at least on Desktop. However, not all of websites can get to Green Check Mark since many sites using too old style theme or too heavy in Images.

Q What is CDN? Do I really need it?
A A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user. Send me your site URL so I can check if your site really need CDN.
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