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8 days on average
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Welcome To Matt's Premium Quality PBN Links

If you're serious about extreme ranking power, unparalleled safety, and 100% real looking PBN's that will pass a manual review, then you've come to the right place.

**Please read my entire gig description, as some things such as metrics and types of links have changed!**

Why Choose My Service?

I'll keep it short. I've been in the SEO game for over a decade and know what works and what doesn't. 

  • I own multiple affiliate, client, and rank-and-rent sites totaling over 1.1 million monthly visits(see image below)
  • These links I provide you are the same links I use for myself and for my clients
  • We utilize a combination of link insertions and PBNs to ensure a powerful link combination that really moves the needle.
  • I'm always ahead of the curve. My PBNs have many behind-the-scenes features that keep them strong and safe(you'll see some when I deliver your order)
  • I do testing with my PBNs before ever linking out to any web pages
  • These PBNs do not have any footprints and do not look like a PBN to Google or any human
  • These PBNs are safe for the long haul

Simply put: if you buy from another link vendor who does not take the same precautions as me, I can say with 100% certainty that Google will catch on eventually.

It may be a month, or it may be a year(if you're really lucky), but Google is a highly advanced algorithm.

What Sets My Service Apart?

Unlike other PBN services, this is truly a top of the line experience.


  • Niche Relevant When Possible (Food, Finance, Beauty, Fashion, Auto, Gaming, Health, Fitness, Legal, Pets, Real Estate, SEO, Marketing, Tech, Travel, Local(Roofing, Construction, HVAC, etc), General)
  • 100% Hand Written Premium Do-Follow Content
  • Crawlers Blocked
  • Extremely Clean Domains, Feel Free to Check Their History!
  • 100% Unique A/B/C Class IP's. Each and every PBN is on a different host.
  • Websites have REAL social media profiles and community interaction!
  • Secure Network, only partial reports(one link) provided(you can see all links on google webmaster tools)

Why Use My Service And Not Something Cheaper?

Most PBN link sellers are just looking to make a buck off of you. They sell PBN links on incredibly risky networks which either leave huge risky footprints or do nothing to help your ranking.

Most of these "PBN Sites" are just expired domains with poor metrics and artificially high trust flow(ex: TF 25 RD 1 DA 1). These sellers also spend about 5 minutes setting up their PBN's, using stock themes with no other website content.

Even if they do have great metrics and promise safety, they don't take the time to consistently test new methods and safety features, meaning they have already fallen behind.

Google is getting incredibly good in 2019 at detecting low quality PBN's based on their newer algorithms. My ultra-high quality PBN's are made to look even better than real money sites and pass even a manual inspection!


Will I receive a report?
Yes, you will receive a report, however, it will be a partial report of one link in order to keep the network more secure.

What is the maximum OBL for your homepages?
The maximum OBL at any given time will be 10(most are 4-5).

Can you provide samples?
No, I never provide samples. Trust me, these are the highest quality PBN's you will ever see.

Do you provide links for the adult niche?
I do not. No pharma, gambling, adult, warez, hacks, or foreign language. These PBN's are all kept in perfect condition!

What will the article content be?
Articles will be 250-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content.
You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles!

What is your average TAT?
Average TAT is 5-7 days, with guaranteed delivery within 15 days.

Are these niche related or general posts?
These are niche related unless your niche is not covered, the article will be crafted to fit the website theme no matter what your website is about.

What are the metrics of your PBNs?
The MINIMUM metrics for any domain in my PBN is 50+RD, 15+DA. Please note that I am unable to change my gig title, I do not use TF or CF as reliable metrics anymore.

Are these posts permanent?
Yes, these posts are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.

Please shoot me a PM for any other questions before ordering!

***Please Note****

I do my best to find niche relevant sites, but if it's not possible I will use a general PBN website.
I ONLY provide partial reports(1 out of 10 links)!
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over 1 year ago
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over 1 year ago
These are the top backlinks from the PBN he gave me, judge for yourself... I have not found even 1 legit link... But he refunded the order, so that's fair.
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over 1 year ago
Almost 100% certain this is a competitor on Konker. From the start of the order there was nothing but harassment, changes in details, complaints before anything was ever delivered, anything possible to make the order as difficult as possible. 

There was also constant questions trying to get me reveal the sites my network so he could negative SEO/report it. 

Seller beware - stay away from this buyer.

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over 1 year ago
Seller provided only one link in report, this link is also shown in Google console, that's ok, as described. But no one more link has shown in Google console. One month gone after delivery. P. S. If I will see all links in search console, I will change this review
Thumb profile pic 1
over 1 year ago

Glad to see that the link you were shown was as described, I made every effort to make my PBN ultra high quality.
The link I sent in the report was the first link I placed for you, so I think you're jumping the gun a bit here. It can take 1-3 months for links to show up in search console, so just give it some time.

Edit: Also, I just checked and since your links were drip fed on a 3-day schedule, your last link only JUST went live.

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over 1 year ago
I really want to give a bad review just so Matt stays my little secret! The links he's done are exceptional - the best PBN I've got links from in my many years on Konker / WF & BHW. Matt is super knowledgeable on SEO and pleasure to deal with - already placed second order
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over 1 year ago
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over 1 year ago
Good communication and support. I had a questions and Matt took the time to explain everything. Worth the cost!
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over 2 years ago
Don't waste your money. Out of the 10 links, 0 showed up in Google Search Console at the 2 month, 3 month and 6 month mark. Of the 4 links he did provide, all 4 were de-indexed I sent this message 3 months after the order. He did not reply anything So its been roughly 3 months since I bought your links. None of your links show up on GSC and of the ones you did provided, they are all deindexed. I understand the game, but damn but not a single one showing up inside search console? That's not right.
Thumb profile pic 1
almost 2 years ago
Hi Carlitos,

Not sure why your review message just showed up now, but I think you might have mixed the links up that I delivered with another seller here on Konker, I just checked and all your links are live and indexed. I would be happy to give you a couple of free premium links to make up for the confusion.

Let me know how I can help!

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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
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