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When you’re writing content online, you want it to be perfectly written. 

You want it to not only hook your visitors but also to keep them reading. 

But, there's a problem...

The SEO community like to hire cheap $5 writers. 

When you hire a cheap, unqualified writer, you can expect to get cheap, unqualified results. The content will be poorly written, badly researched and won’t convert your visitors into paying customers. 

And here's the killer...

If you’re not keeping your visitors on-page for more than 30 seconds, your ranks will decrease.

So, what's the answer?

Stop being foolish and hire a professional who actually knows what they're doing!

With an expert on your side, your content will be well-written, well-researched and will be optimized for the search engines. You can expect to achieve fantastic results when you have killer content on your site, whether it be an affiliate site, a client’s site or your own personal blog.

With amazing content, your online campaigns are limitless.

Get Awesome Content – Hire Me Today

So why should I bother telling you what results you can expect with superb content?

Because that’s what you will receive when you use my services.

I can provide you with a 500-word piece of content for just $9. 

The content will be perfectly written with detail at heart. No spelling or grammatical mistakes. Your content will read fluidly, informing and converting individuals who land on your web page.

I am an English speaker from the UK. 

I have complete control over my language and won’t mess you around with nonsense articles which look like they’ve been written by a child. 

Moreover, none of my work is outsourced to cheap writers from places like Kenya. Everything is written and completed by myself.

Short-Form or Long-Form – The Choice is yours

When it comes to ordering your content, you may want more words than just the basic 500.

Don’t worry, I don’t restrict you on word count. You will be able to order longer word counts using the extras below. The base gig is for 500 words. If you need 1000, 2000, or 4000, the extras should suit your needs.

If you cannot find any extras that match your needs, please don’t mash lots of them together. Contact me promptly and talk to me about your project. 

We may be able to work out a deal where you get your content cheaper. However, this will depend on the size of the order, as I can’t give out discounts to every client.

If you want my personal opinion when it comes to content length, I advise you look to create content over 2000 words.

This is why:

A study performed by Backlinko found that first page results mostly contained long-form content over 1800 words. So, if you have longer content, you'll have a better chance at ranking. 

However, I am not here to judge your SEO plans. Stick to your guns and do what works for you.

Optimized Articles to Get You That #1 Spot in Google

The majority of my clients are in the SEO industry. In other words, they are trying to rank websites and achieve better results in Google.

This is a common sight on Konker, since the platform was founded by an “SEO expert”.

However, if you want to give yourself the best chance at getting that number one spot you need to have great content. I don’t mean content that is just well-written and well-researched, but content that has been optimized with keywords in mind.

What I can do for you is optimize your article around keywords of your choice. 

I personally recommend you stick with one main keyword and include long-tail variations and LSIs randomly in the article. Any keyword that signifies relevance is also of benefit.

I will professionally weave in any keywords you give me and will try to include them in titles. 

Save Time and Money with Easy Bulk Orders

Do you have a large project which requires a lot of content?

If so, you can easily order bulk orders from me using the extras below. The standard extras feature orders in 5s and 10s. However, there may be some random numbers in there for specific clients.

If you need a custom bulk order that isn’t in the extras list, contact me. This is essential if the order you’re about to place is large. I may even be able to offer a discount.

Please don’t go mixing bulk extras together though. It messes with Konker’s pricing software, which affects both of us.  

Never Experiment with Freelancers Again - Hire Me for Long-Term Work

I understand your pain of finding a freelancer. It can be difficult to find that one, golden egg.

What if I told you that you’ll never have to search for a freelance writer again?

If you like my work and I have consistently provided you with excellent content, we could set up a business arrangement. In this process, we would exchange business emails for direct communication and could even deal directly through PayPal (as Konker is already based on that gateway).

If this interests you, send me a message and we could discuss any long-term arrangements you require.

Order Now

If you want amazing content to boost user engagement and supercharge your SEO campaign, hire me today as your personal writer. 

For a small investment of $9, you will receive a well-written piece of content for a web page of your choice.

What are you waiting for?

Order now. 

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about 2 years ago
covered the topic well, great article.
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Hands down the best writer on Konker
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Brilliant writing. If you are looking for a talented content writer, Ridley should be your top 1 choice!
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Thank you so much! Would Recommend!
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Excellent content, the article was well writen and had quality transitions through each section! Will definitely be using again in the future!
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Very well written articles, delivered on time. Very happy.
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Thanks again. Great work as always
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Great work! Thanks
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over 2 years ago
Article was top notch. Natural use of language, passed plagiarism/grammar checks, was on topic, and was delivered on time! Very happy.
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