Creating PBNs as shown on Source Uni [Save time and get ranked]

3 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
6 days on average
Small pbns are dead

*** This gig is for brand new PBNs only

*** Impressed and feeling safe with the PBN setup process shown on Source university? Let me setup your PBN website for you so that you can just relax and keep spending time on your money site.

*** Why PBNs?

PBNs or private blog networks are the SEO swiss knives that cuts through all the BSs and skyrockets money site ranking.
No more wasting time on worthless profile backlinks and web 2.0s and shitty Blog comments that don't only cost time and money.

Just send me your site access details and mention keyword, title for your article. I will create a full and functional PBN website for you within 1 week. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed or else I will give your money back.

You will be getting work worth $50 with this gig. Here is the list:

  • Fresh copy of wordpress installed
  • Perfect title, tagline, permalink setup
  • Hand-written content for all the extra pages like about us, contact and privacy policy (worth $20)
  • Custom designed logo (Worth $10)
  • Variety of plugin for uniqueness
  • All done while using a VPN to ensure maximum anonymity (Worth $5)
  • Copyright free image added from collected from premium websites (worth $3)
  • Will add relevant youtube video for faster indexing
  • Remove all the developer, unwanted links from website
  • Author bio on site to make things legit
  • Comment disabled
  • cache plugin enabled
  • XML sitemap submitted and pinged
  • Bot nemesis from Gregory ortiz installed for extra layer of PBN security
  • We can't add hide my wp plugin as it is a premium plugin that requires individual owner licensing

You need to provide:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting access details
  3. Keyword, title, anchor text, anchor link for the Article
  4. Any information you want me to remember while building your PBN website
Things to look out for while buying a PBN expired domain:
1. Make sure it's not de-indexed or penalized
2. Make sure it's not spammed
3. Make sure you are not linking to same money site from multiple PBNs hosted in same hosting.

** We apologize but we cannot offer SEO advice with this Gig. It is simply to build your PBN and have it look like a "real site". If you need a reference on what we mean, here's are some examples

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★★ 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Every time ★★ Hello My name is Sajjad. Here you can order THE best quality content, PBN setup services & Wordpress site development services at best Price. Do contact me before ordering. ★ 500+ satisfied clients on Konker

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