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Let Me Teach You How To Setup The Perfect Wordpress PBN Site

In a 1-on-1, over-the-shoulder, 90 minute Skype session I will teach you exactly how to setup your PBN sites.

After more than 2000 PBN site setups on SM/Konker, you can now learn how I setup my PBN sites on Wordpress and make it look, feel and be real sites. Your sites will pass any manual review easily when you follow my training.

What you will learn:

1. The best themes/templates to use
2. What plugins to use and how to use them correctly
3. A quick way to design a professional looking logo
4. How to use ad banners correctly
5. How to remove any footprints
6. How to make your site safe against spammers and hackers
7. How to get quality, unique content written within 24 hours at a very reasonable rate
8. How to make your site and posts relevant to boost your money site rankings


1. Save you money - you can get a site setup for less than $5
2. Teach your VA's or employees more effectively to setup your PBN sites
3. You have more control over your PBN sites when you know how to what went in it to get them setup.
4. Boost your money sites with a PBN site trick or 2 I have personally used with great success.

30 minute follow-up session - 1 week after the initial training, I will have a follow-up session with you to answer questions and also to make sure you know exactly how it is done.

Please note that no recordings are allowed. If you need a recording (please see extras), I will record our session and make it available to you.
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over 2 years ago
Great job. Bennie was a very thorough and very informative with the training.
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Online About 1 month ago



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