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Most Newcomers to Online Business fail because of one thing...

They don't know how to get new clients, regularly and consistently.

Any business, online and offline, will fail without a regular influx of clients.

Most services here in Source Market are great for getting ranked on google.
Truth is, you can have the best SEO service on the planet, but without clients to order them, your revenue will always be zero.

And making money is the main reason why you do business, isn't it?

There is a good reason though, client getting for Local SEO, has always been a time consuming process.
Most agencies and firms have dedicated departments for getting new clients on board.

Simply visiting websites one by one, to get contact details could very well take you over an hour.

So what can a struggling online entrepreneur, with a team of one, do to get more clients?

That's where are our service comes in.

We do all the research for you so you can focus on simply closing new clients. Consistently.

What you will get with this service?
You will receive a list of at least 20 local business websites for a given keyword.
These websites are listed on google but are in pages 2 to 10 of the search results.

Why work with these websites?
These websites are low hanging fruit, since it will take just a little work from you to get them to page one.
Also, most of them have never done SEO, meaning you are looking at a lifetime customer opportunity.
You provide value, by helping them get more customers via google search.

Why Local SEO Clients?
Local brick and mortar businesses need a regular influx of clients to survive.
Most of the websites in the last pages of the search results simply put up a website, crossed their fingers, and hope they will get new clients that way.
They don't know how to get ranked. This is where you come in, as an SEO expert.
Also, working with local businesses in your area means, you can visit them and discuss your services further.
It also gives you more flexibility with getting paid.

Never spoke on the phone, or send a business email?
Not to worry, we'll throw in our tested phone and email scripts to help you get started.

Want to do a more professional pitch?
Our additional service for a simple site audit can show your clients their current SEO status, and how you can improve it.

How this works:
simply send us the keyword, or type of business you want to target, and the location you want to work in.
We will do all the research for you. Finding which websites are in dire need of SEO, these are the best low hanging fruit.
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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago
nice service
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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago
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about 3 years ago
Half the battle in building a successful business is securing a solid list. This gig certainly over-delivers in that regard. These are highly targeted prospects who have a need for the services you offer and this seller helps you get in touch with. Definitely a must order for anyone running an agency. I've ordered 3 lists already and will be back for more!
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about 3 years ago
Excellent, detailed list of prospects. Saved me immense amounts of time. Awesome seller and this gig is highly recommended for anyone looking for a list of prospects in their niche!
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about 3 years ago
Great List! Very well put together! I made a few calls and the info is correct so we will see how it all works out. Great list for only $20 though!
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about 3 years ago
Thank you =)
Thumb image 47101eb30ab41e23bebc2f26ae59bf4fb705deb76b82fd0c913767e2947b9b2f v
about 3 years ago
Big thumbs up =)
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3 months ago
Hi Guy, I am a blogger and 1.5 years experience in this field.I can provide you blogs services at cheap rate. I just need client who SEO their site in very less price. So, Contact me for more detail, important things is that we need client that will continue to working with us in the long run,Thanks & Regards,Musa
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