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Why Host Your PBN with Us?

We strive for quality and we only promotes something that we use personally or have experience to work with in the past.  Let's get straight to the honest points.

People struggles to get their PBN hosted on the right place. The "gurus" will just say the magic word "Google it" or here's the list of cheap hosting (that they never ever gonna tell you if those companies still work). So at this point, you're happy to start off your SEO career, buy some PBNs, get it hosted, rank, and bank! I wish this thing exist!

I've been there and it's not that simple. If you think all cheap hosting works >> WRONG!!!! You just dig your own grave. 90% of cheap hosting won't even care about you. Severe downtime and no response when your site is off or even hacked. You just left alone in the jungle. Imagine you've spent hundred of dollars to buy PBN domains and get your PBN setup as close as possible to money site, then you place it on cheap hosting just for the sake of "saving few bucks" and 2 months later, you found your site is gone or "hacked by MrXYZ"....

I've been there too and I'm honestly telling you, that's not a beautiful moment, but the show must go on... I finally decided to offer hosting as part of the PBN domain and PBN setup service because I've been asked a lot if I can help with this and I've witnessed myself on many my clients' sites that are hosted on bad hosting and have lots lots of issues with it.

You need money to make money! So here comes THE SOLUTION:

Here's what make us different:

  • We literally host your sites on different hosting companies
  • We use real hosting that you can actually use for your money sites
  • Class-A IP address
  • Host unlimited domains in 1 cpanel
  • 1 GB disk space
  • At least 99.9% uptime guarantee (calculated within 1yr period)
  • Billed yearly and flat price to have a peace of mind for years to come
  • No personal information on SOA Records
  • cpanel + softaculous access to make your life easier
  • Supports different CMS (not just wordpress) to reduce footprint
  • All these hosting are what we use for our own sites so we definitely taking good care of it
  • Friendly email support from an SEOer that actually do SEO for a living
  • No funny business
  • No obligation to stay with us forever. You control your own subscription.
  • LIMITED TIME!!! 1yr FREE PBN Management for Done For You PBN service (personal invite only - contact us if you need this)
  • We make the impossible HAPPENS!

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over 4 years ago
Very Impressed and Lisa is probably the most helpful, professional and pleasant vendor to deal with. I will absolutely recommend semjar
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over 4 years ago
Thank you David. Keep in touch =)
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over 4 years ago
Excellent experience.
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over 4 years ago
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