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Nichexposure brings a small but powerful and quality link building package for you. It has the ability to push the rank of your website on SERP. Details are as follows -

Before proceeding to the details please note,

NicheXposure does not provide any assurance for ranking. This package is all about building Foundation Links only. Ranking depends on so many other facotrs.

Update : We are not providing expired dedicated 5 blogs now. Its hard to get any good expired web 2.0. Instead of it we will provide 5 more extra PBN Links in the package.

**Link Details –

What you will get here in total -

**(1st Tier Links): -

Social Profile - 20
Citation - 15
Fresh Web 2.0 - 10
Blog post - 10
Doc Share - 20
Bookmark - 20
Image Link - 5
Edu & Gov - 10
Video Submission - 5
Infographic Submission - 3-5

Total - 120 Types of Links

  • Manual Fresh Web 2.0 -

Manual web 2.0 with handmade content. You will get 10-15 fresh web 2.0 based on all different platforms using all handmade article. Writers are from Kenya, Philippine, and India. Not possible to deliver native writing within this price.

We have a separate service regarding our Web 2.0 Service. Check reviews from here.

Samples –

  • Blog Post -

We have a general blog network which is hosted using all separate hosting. No cheap SEO hosting we are using here. Even each site is set it up look like a money site. No home page links will provide as we are not treating these blogs as PBN anymore. We will write content, post and link back to your money site from the post.

  1. Each blog has average DA 10+
  2. Ref. Domain average 10+
  3. Sorry we don't bother about TF that way. We make sure blog has proper power to juice it up or not.
  4. Average OBL is 25 from each blog.
  5. Fresh web archive
  6. Clean back link profile
  7. Never used as PBN or Chinese site before.
  8. Proper theme and logo used. Try to revive all the past history and content as much as possible.

In one word, we know how PBN works and how to use and set it up.

Note :- No direct report will be provided. We cant take any risk to provide the links as its violate the terms of keeping secret of other clients details. We will share the partial and screen shot report as a proof link has been placed.

Domain Metrics Ideas -

  • Infographic –

We will design and develop one unique infographic with content based on your given niche. And will submit it to different image submission sites.

We have a particular Infographic Creation Service also. Check reviews from here -

  • No PSD file will be provided. JPG, PNG and PDF files will be provided.

  • Expired Tumblr Network Post -

We have a 100+ expired tumblr network setup with proper design and necessary pages. We will write around 300 words article and post to our targeting your money site. We will using brand anchor or partial match keywords to diversify your link profile. These links are from our network so we will not provide you the access. We will provide the link report so that you can check the all things.

  • Doc Sharing -

We will write 1-3 basic article first and then spun the content to create 10 unique PDF. And submit it to 10 -20 doc sharing website.

  1. Here for Doc sharing we will use 1-3 handwritten content. Not all content will be handmade.

  • Editorial Links -

We will write good quality article to publish it to real authority website. We have a access of few local blogs and newspaper sites as an author. Please note, these are not PBN or normal sites. We will write some general articles which will be suited based on the blog category. And technically use your keyword or brand name or anything else which match the best with the website.

  • About Content Quality -

Its not possible to use native writing for the package within this price. All our writers are non-native and they are from Kenya, Lithuania, Philippine, India mostly. But what we are ensuring here -

  1. All are handwritten and readable. No crap spun or software generated articles.
  2. All will pass copyscape 100%.
  3. All articles will be checked through Grammarly.
  4. Relevant on topic and keyword.

So please keep that in mind, don't compare these articles with native writing.

**Ranking Warranty -

NicheXposure does not provide any assurance for ranking. Because ranking does not depend on links only. It will depend on site structure, On-page SEO, content, and overall keyword competition. It's just a basic link building package which helps to create anchor text diversion for sure. Also to create some core and fundamental links for your link profile.

**Extra Benefits -

  • Keyword Recommendation -

It's obvious you will not use one keyword for the whole link building package. If you are in a fix, we will help you to select your keywords. But final call is yours always

  • On page SEO Recommendation -

Before proceeding to the link build, we will check your landing page. If there any scope of development we see will recommend it to you. So that we will get the best result. Again final call is always yours. We will do our job, but it is up to you that you will implement it or not.

So let's work together. If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me before placing an order. We will love to clear your confusion if there any. Or you can reach me via Email or Skype also.

**Reporting -

We will provide you an excel sheet including all details like link URL, ID, P/W, Email ID, Email P/W and all. You will own all the properties which possible like fresh and expired dedicated web 2.0, doc share, authority stacking platform, ifttt network and all. In future, if needed you can do modification and maintain it.

  • Blogpost reports will not be provided. Screenshot report will provide as a proof of link placement.
  • Expired tumblr network post URL will be provided. Access belongs to us as its our own network. You will get the details of the all dedicated expired blog.

Actual Price - $199

For Konker, its set $179 for now.

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over 3 years ago
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over 3 years ago
Thanks a lot 😁
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over 3 years ago
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over 3 years ago
Thanks a lot 😁
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about 4 years ago
If someone who is looking for a total link building solutions for his business, I'll ensure that, this is what they provide. Just awesome !! They combined all the white level google safe link building package under a single service. It would cost $300+ if I purchase separately but they make it possible with an affordable price. You don't need to think twice before purchase. Great service !!
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about 4 years ago

Hope you will order more :-)

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about 4 years ago
Good work and first delivery. I was confused to buy new gigs but after discussing with the seller i just pressed the button. He knows what he is doing and gave me lots of recommendation for fixing my On page issue. Each links are good as described. For foundation link its a good way to go. Will update my comment if i see any improvement of ranking. Still i am recommending this thread to everyone. Best of luck mate.
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about 4 years ago

Wow so much kind words from you. Its my job to make sure the basics are good otherwise you will not be benefited. I am not expert but have some experience. So i tried my best. Hope it will works for your project. Thanks a lot :-)

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We are a small team working on SEO field for the last 6 years. Here we breaking down our services into small pieces and try to sell here to earn some extra bucks. Please note we are not expert but experienced. So we know what we are talking and what we can provide. So lets do some business.

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