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1 Wikipedia Page + Links = 1000 PBN's Links

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What has your experience been with Wikipedia? Have you created pages or articles? Have you run afoul of Wiki editors? Have you had problems correcting erroneous information posted by others?

Place order and get a Wikipedia Page for your Company Website within a week.

When I first decided to create a Wikipedia page for my client’s technology, I had no idea what I was in for. I had made simple updates to existing pages, so how hard could it be to create a new page?

I’m here to tell you it was incredibly difficult. Writing for Wikipedia is akin to writing a college term paper — you can’t get by with just creating easy, breezy marketing copy for this type of project.

But, the effort was worth it. My client’s industry-changing technology — which their founder invented — is now an official part of Wikipedia. The Wikipedia page tells the story of the technology and includes photos of my client’s product. Most importantly, the page generates traffic to my client’s site.

Reasons to create a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a living, breathing encyclopedia where anyone can add their own pages, articles, and knowledge. Topics cover just about anything: Green Day (the band), pinball, carbon black and, yes, even content marketing.

Should you create a Wikipedia page? Here are a few indicators that this type of content may meet your needs:

- You have an industry-changing technology that your company invented or developed. This technology can be anything from mechanical to chemical to musical (e.g., iTunes).
- Your founder or company is “notable.” Wikipedia editors apply a “notability” test to determine if your subject warrants a Wikipedia page. If your company has invented something or if your founder is a person-of-note (e.g., a famous author, the first person to row a boat across the ocean), then your company or founder might be a good candidate.
- You can’t find any information about your technology or topic in Wikipedia. This is what prompted me to suggest creating a Wiki page for my client’s technology.

I've been an active member of the Meta-Wiki community, & Wikipedia, a multilingual and free internet encyclopedia for over 6 years. And now willing to create a detailed page for the topic with reference links! :)

A Wikipedia article is a good way to introduce to the world or enlightening the world about your topic or yourself.

I'll cover the following features and more;
- Notability test result
- Code file
- Page Creation
- Pic addition and Extra editing
- Code content table
- Code info-box to your page
- Code External Links and more.

No Fear of Deletion! Guaranteed to stay more than 6 months.

What I'll need from you:

1) What is your company about – what are you notable for.
2) References, third pages that have featured your website such as newspapers or blogs
3) Photos

Without the requirements, please don't order

Order with confidence. The process can take 6 hours to 30 days. It's a quality job.

And the Wikipedia page creation charge $160 for only company Wikipedia page creation. $250 for Person Page creation. Please select extra $90 if you want to create a person Wikipedia page.

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almost 3 years ago
Service was delivered 30-12-2016 - 5 weeks after payment (24 Nov 2016) Unfortunately within a week (06-01-2017) wiki informed they were to delete page unless changes were made. Upon informing him he asked for more money for an article ha had paid for but not consulted us. I guess he did nothing despite assurances: "seorock 8:08 AM Jan 09, 2017 Why worry about this page???? It's will live permanently, but need some more times, because of your competitors (user) bother us to delete this page, that's why we facing problem at this time, but I ensure you that the page will live permanently. I do what I said, clear?" On 11 Jan 2017 the wiki page was deleted. The seller is not responding since then.
Thumb 13043446 1026398807434658 1182539067326850908 n
almost 3 years ago
Your page gets deleted 2 times and 3 times lived. Your page deleted for you, because of your competitors reports for you. And the page you edited yourself without inform us.
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over 3 years ago
great job, thanks
Thumb 13043446 1026398807434658 1182539067326850908 n
over 3 years ago

Thanks for valuable comments about my service.

Thumb archer 0
over 3 years ago
Just as described.
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over 3 years ago


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