☢~125 Google Map Citations + 1000 Google Maps Embeds + 2000 Top Social Signals~☢

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125 Google Map Citations + 1000 Google Maps Embeds + 2000 Top Social Signals

Boost Your Google Maps Ranking - Google Map Citations To Improve Local SEO & Google Maps

Google Map Citations are powerful ranking tools for any local business. But Not All Business Citations are created equal. Google Citation helps to boost Google place ranking and local business in Search Engines. Google Map Citation is highly recommended for better Google local search results. Google Maps citations-Hidden secret citation, Link Source Revealed and powerful ranking tools for any local business. This will help you get Local business citations directly inside Google Maps and get to increase your business visibility. Google maps citation is one of the most important parts of Local SEO. Google maps citations help to get top ranking on the searching engine. if you want to do rank your website then you are in right place.

Important Features of this Service and What You Will Get:

1. Google Map Citation:

If you want to rank better, understanding Google Maps ranking factors are essential. Google My Business (GMB) is to create awareness about your business. There are a plethora of tactics you can employ so that Google places the business on top of the local listings. Optimizing your Google My Business and ranking on Google Maps is the way forward for local businesses to increase the foot falls. Search Engine Optimization helps websites rank their content on top of Google SERP. As you already know, any position outside of Google’s first page is usually considered as an abandoned graveyard. If you are a local business owner, the same rules applies when it comes to ranking on Google My Business and the coveted Google Maps Pack. These are massive traffic drivers to your websites/store/shop if your business is top-ranked. The better you rank in the business listing, the more trustworthy you become. The more trust you gain, the stronger your business’s impact will be on the target audience. So, to obtain the maximum exposure, better credibility, more relevancy, and high traffic inflow, your business must appear in the top spots in the Google local searches.

  • We set up manually google maps citation points up to 125 which is fully covered in your targeted location. When we complete work properly, then google Maps citations points to boost your GMB and google ranking. We have been successfully supporting local businesses in our area and we are now offering this service to your local market. Map Point Maker can provide complete coverage for your Maps Citations.

2. Google Map Embeds:

Second step to rank higher on Google Maps is to embed a Google map on quality websites, which most businesses do on the contact us page. Embedding a Google map is just another way of telling Google that your business is located where your listing says it is. Use the same address that you have on your Google Maps business listing. This is an effective method to drive authority backlinks and quality traffic towards your website, it's help you with brand awareness, improve visibility, content exposures, and get organic traffic exposure.

  • After creating Google Map we will embed that maps to bookmarking sites to give boost to maps and get fast index in Google. This will help in Ranking higher and get organic traffic to google map. Links are still one of the largest ranking factors in Google’s algorithm (both in organic ranking and in Google Maps). In fact, building links is especially important if you want to rank in Google Maps.

3. Top Social Signals Sharing:

Social Signals Sharing has become a massive part of online activity and now plays a part in our everyday lives. Social Signals are becoming immensely important in Google Maps as well as online organic searches. It is important for you to know that these social signals are actually based on your site’s likes, shares, and overall social media appearance. It will not only attract more web traffic but also help it reach its potential customers.

  • After this above two successful step we will follow final step of sharing Google Map to Top Social Signals Sites which is important part that Google gives you more attention, and so it makes sense that these map will get more visibility.

I will provide 100% manual work, white hat seo.


BASIC PACKAGE: 125 Google Map Citations + 1000 Embed Google Maps + 2000 Top Social Signals Sharing for $15

STANDARD PACKAGE: 200 Google Map Point + 1500 Embeds Google Maps + 2500 Top Social Signals Sharing for $30

PREMIUM PACKAGE: 250 Google Map Point + 2000 Embeds Google Maps + 3000 Top Social Signals Sharing for $40

Why this is beneficial to your local SEO:

✓ The domain authority of Google Maps itself is a powerful backlink to your website.
✓ Your citations will blow, any of your competitors free or paid directory citation listing out of the water.
✓ These Google Maps help boost your local business authority.
✓ Targeted keywords in the map will increase your traffic and authority
✓ Making your stuff more popular and Improving SEO rankings and SERPs
✓ Brand exposure and Affiliate marketing advertising
✓ Give your business more credibility


✓100% Manual Work .
✓NAP Consistent for all citations
✓Worldwide service
✓Detailed reports with 100% live links
✓Panda, penguin and hummingbird safe
✓Boost your Google Maps rankings
✓Bump your Organic Results too!

Order Now, this is definitely something a lot of you are not doing.

Please note that there are no refunds provided for any reason once the sale is made so be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This policy is 100% firm so please do not ask.

Note: Standard and Premium Packages offers only that Package - It do not Include with Basic.

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Hello good and fast delivery. Very nice work. The only thing I do not like very much are the 1000 Map Embeds, because most of the Links are .xyz Domains. This does not really looks natural. It seems a bit "spammy". Nevertheless the Domains have good Metrics, so I guess it will have a positive impact. Recommendation: Instead of 1000 just provide the first 100 without all the Subdomains Embeds. This would be better and looks more beautiful in my opinion.
6 months ago
Thank you so much for order and suggestion, I'll surely add this type of service soon! I really appreciate your trust!!! Great pleasure working with you. :)
over 5 years ago
Great work - very happy - thank you...
over 5 years ago

Thank you so much for nice feedback, I really appreciate your trust! It was a great pleasure working with you! :)

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