1,000 Geotargeted REAL Human Website Traffic

3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >

What makes my service different from other traffic services is that I can target visitors by their interest and country.

I use proven online marketing techniques such as expired domain names+ misspelled keywords available through my network, this is redirected traffic, which yields the highest conversions!

This is NOT fake visitors, all real human visitors. You pick targeted country AND targeted niche category (e.g. Automotive, Computers. etc). You'll also get access to statistics and report to show the outgoing visitors. Task will be completed in 3 days, Gig Extra for 1-day express delivery is available too.

Rules for your site:
1) If your site has pop up or sound, you can't target any countries, only Worldwide and you will get VERY SLOW traffic and slow start, I recommend a page without sound or pop up.

2) For adult websites, please add extra $5.

It is very important for you to know that although this is high quality traffic, I can't promise conversions. Some people get 0% conversions and some get 5% or higher. It depends on your offer.

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An experienced online marketer who loves and enjoys online marketing, SEO and website designs. Professional manual English-Chinese translation is my expertise too.

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