I will find and register an expired tumblr blog with trust high flow 30 TF30

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Have you sensed the rising interest among SEOs in expired web 2.0 properties? Recently people have been finding new uses for these properties which at one time were just used to pass link juice in link pyramids. But no more are they just used for that.

It turns out that they are a vital component if you want to build your own PBN, but with social accounts rather than standalone domains. Why not aquire a high trust flow expired tumblr blog for your PBN?

Imagine the extra attention google would bestow on your web 2.0 PBN if one or more of them were trust flow 30. The rest can be freshly created ones mixed with TF5, TF10 and TF20  but when mixed with even one TF30 tumblr blog it would change the characteristic of your PBN as these high trust flow blogs were built up over time..

I will give you a tumblr blog with Moz Page Authority of 30 or higher and Majestic Trust Flow of 30 or higher. The blog will be registered to a unique email address. You will get the tumblr password and the email password. Why buy a link on a high metric tumblr blog when you can buy and control the entire blog yourself? Check out my other gigs if you need blogs with different metrics or quantities.

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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago
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over 3 years ago
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over 3 years ago
Great service and good quality Tumblr trust flow
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over 3 years ago
Out of 7 accounts to choose from I purchased two expired news paper accounts with a tonne of authority backlinks. I couldn't be happier!
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