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Hey Everyone! I'm Gregory Ortiz. I have one of the largest and most trusted PBN Selling Companies in all of SEO.

I also happen to sell the same kind of PBN's I use to rank multiple #1 rankings in Google.

To top it off, I also am the ONLY seller to have testimonials from some of the biggest names in SEO. (see below) So buy with confidence!

In this package, you are purchasing 1 (one) domain url that you can register yourself in your favorite registrar such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. You can always typically find a coupon for these registrars and even sometimes register the domain on godaddy for a dollar!

All domain url's are checked by my own proprietary methods.

The stats are as follows;

15-30 DA / 15-40 PA

10-25 TF / 10 - 35 CF

10-99 Referring Domains (According To Majestic)

Additional benefits:

No GoDaddy Renewal Fee (Save $100 + from auctions)

FREE Whois Guard if you register your domain in Namecheap (Save 12.99)

Q: What am I purchasing exactly?

A: I will send you the name of a domain that you can register yourself. For example if I had available you'd get sent that domain name in a excel sheet and you'd copy that URL and put it into your favorite registrar to then purchase yourself.

Q: May I choose what niche?

A: Upon purchase part of the instructions asks you which of the 3 general majestic topical trust you prefer in order of preference, and if I have any available within that general niche that's what you'll be sent.

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about 1 month ago
No response and bad domain sent
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12 months ago
The seller communication was good, and the service was kind of as described, but the domain that was sent over was not applicable to my money sites, and I did not purchase it. It was also not quite the powerful domain that I thought I would be receiving, based on the metrics advertised. The niche selection is way too vague when filling out the form. Basically, if you're purchasing this gig, it's a crap-shoot what domain you're going to get, and the domain that was sent over to me was not worth the time in registering/setting up for any of my money sites.
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over 1 year ago
Seller gave me a domain outside of the criteria HE himself mentioned twice! ( LOW DA not 15-30 DA as mentioned in job) He communicated with me once to tell me he was sending a replacement with his VA. Turns out his "VA" sends me an even worse domain the second time. I get it's all automated but at least give someone what they're looking for. Took 6 days to get a Domain that barely scraped by with 16DA... Not worth it, will not be doing this again.
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over 1 year ago
Awesome job :)
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almost 2 years ago
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almost 2 years ago
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almost 2 years ago
Thumb marcus meeee
almost 2 years ago
Very fast service awesome stuff!
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almost 2 years ago
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about 2 years ago
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Online 2 days ago



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