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Kudos to Konker

Mr. Joe S

Konker is an incredibly user-friendly platform. The site is super intuitive and offers several great tools to help you weed through the massive pool of talent.

Mr. Patrick Grovers

If you’re looking for SEO, marketing, or any kind of programming, graphic, or video services I would recommend taking a look at the services offered on Konker

Mr. Fernanda Velasco

As both a customer and a seller, I can say with certainty that this is a great option to make money with. I’ve had a blast of a year thanks to this site

Ms. Olivia Hunt

I was surprised by the quality of the services being offered here. Considering the cheap costs, I was prepared to settle for mediocre.


  • How does Konker work?

    Konker is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, and promote services related to SEO and digital marketing. To get started, you need to create an account, browse the services category, and order services that meet your needs. If you're a seller, you can offer your own services to our community, and if you're interested in earning commissions, consider joining our affiliate program.

  • Is Konker a legitimate marketplace?

    Konker is committed to providing a trustworthy platform. We have a strong reputation for quality services and secure transactions. We would request you to check out our user reviews and ratings to witness what experience they have with Konker.

  • What type of products or services are allowed on Konker?

    Konker allows a wide range of digital products and services, but there are certain prohibited items and services that we have listed in our policies. Please review these policies to ensure your offerings comply.

  • How does the payment process work for sales on Konker?

    Konker processes payments securely through the platform. We follow escrow payment feature. When a buyer pays the price for the order, the amount will be added to Konker’s account. While the seller delivers the order on or before the specified duration, the payment will be sent to the seller’s account. If there is any delay, the payment will automatically be reversed to the buyer’s account.

  • Should I pay any commission fee for Konker?

    Signing up and browsing services on Konker is free for both buyers and sellers. Konker doesn’t incur any platform charges from either the seller or the buyer.

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