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11 days on average

Many people spend a lot on PPC to get signups and leads to their business or opportunity. Solo ads can also be expensive when you work out the actual cost per lead.

Why not cut your costs by using our lead-generation service?

We are currently selling leads in packages of 100 for $99

NB - Special Offer For Your First Order:
150 leads for $99..

These leads are unique to you, and collected via a campaign that you design.

When you order, you will need to send us the following:

1 - Geo-targeting (can be at state or Zip/postcode level)
2 - Gender - male/female/both
3 - Age range (minimum age is 18)
4 - Your headline (up to 100 characters)
5 - Your description (up to 250 characters)
6 - Optional - logo or image (minimum 120x60 - width must be twice the height)

When we receive payment, the campaign will go ahead (typically after about 2 working days. Your prospects will see the wording, plus any logo/image you’ve agreed, as an ad on selected websites. Anyone completing the form agrees to be contacted by you. We will email you a list of your leads daily (first-name, email address, country, time stamp, and IP address for each), until your order has been fulfilled.

When your order is finished we will keep the details, so if you want more leads with the same specifications it’s very easy for you to order more.

Additional data-fields (such as last name, phone number, mailing address etc.) and larger quantities can be provided on request.

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