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Hi all!

After 2 years of providing INSTAGRAM management, growth and engagement services to my personal clients I have decided to open up my services to the public!


  • Increased followers: Average 300 - 800 per week (this depends on your niche). We have developed highly effective targeting techniques to bring you the HIGHEST QUALITY audience.
  • Increased likes: You will see more users liking new posts on your account. More likes = more exposure for your account/brand.

  • Increased engagement: Engagement is your TOTAL FOLLOWERS/LIKES PER POST. This metric is extremely important in the updated Instagram algorithm. After all, what good is having more people following you if they are all bots that do not engage with your posts??

  • Two weeks of Instagram account management (may take 1-2 days for initial account setup)

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Instagram growth is a process, I will work with you to ensure the absolute best results.


  1. Account must be at least 30 days old
  2. Account must have 10-15 posts
  3. Phone/email verified with current email/phone
  4. Link your account to Facebook (if possible)
  5. Sit back, relax

* Message me before placing order
** Send me your Username, Password, and any targeting info (location, audience, etc.)


  • Is this safe?  We work within the Instagram API to deliver maximum results at minimal risks. We stay up to date on current algorithm changes to ensure all of our clients accounts remain safe throughout the process.

  • Why am I the BEST account manager for INSTAGRAM? I have worked with hundreds of clients to deliver satisfactory results. Before working with clients, I started a successful online store using Instagram marketing and Facebook re-targeting ads.

  • Do You Unfollow Users? Yes (Only users that were followed by me during is service). Make sure to discuss this with me before purchasing the gig. I will unfollow all new followings from the gig. If requested, I can limit unfollowings to accounts that do not engage with your posts (these are bots or uninterested customers).

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