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The Best Social Signals Package Available

Social Signals

I will provide you 1600 Social Signals from the Top 3 - 5 Social Media Networks!

This is currently the most purchased social signals package on Konker!

An overwhelming amount of research shows that social signals are a MUST for ranking in Google in 2017!

Without social signals from Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin you will not rank your website.


***Gregory Ortiz Personally Recommended This Service In His Source University Video "Outsourcing Link Building On Source Market"***


  • 250+ Linkedin Signals!*
  • 250+ Twitter Signals!*
  • 1100+ Facebook Signals!*
Optional But STRONGLY Recommended For Diversity:
  • 100 G+ Signals
  • 125 Pinterest Signals

Our social signals are not bots, they are created by 100% real, honest to God human beings.

*Totals are approximate. Overall total will be no less than 1600 though.

All Kinds Of Sites Accepted Including

  • YouTube Videos!
  • Websites, Blogs, Web 2.0!
  • Virtually any other type of link!

***Only 1 URL per order***

****You WILL NOT receive URLs of signals***.

***We begin order as you send us the URL. Make sure you send proper URL because we will not change it later***

***This service does not provide likes to your current social media pages, it is for posting a URL on social media then having those posts liked, shared, pinned, retweeted, +1 etc...***

***This is a one time blast, dripfeed is not available***

You are going to be asked to give me a link to a site, video, or other property that will then be shared , liked, retweeted etc... this is NOT to give you likes etc... on your existing profiles.

You will be provided with a screenshot with the totals from each networks and a link to a social signals checker so that you can verify that the job was done. You WILL NOT get URLs of the posts so don't even ask.

*Sending social signals to a Facebook page IS possible; however they often will not show up in social signals checking tools such as AHrefs so proof of Facebook signals to a Facebook page will not be possible. You acknowledge that you understand this when you purchase this service and that you will not be given a refund for this or any reason.

*Twitter Signals no longer show up in signal checking tools due to an API update by Twitter (https://blog.twitter.com/2015/hard-decisions-for-a-sustainable-platform) so I will not be able to provide proof of those other than confirming the total I did. You acknowledge that you understand this when you purchase this service and that you will not be given a refund for this or any reason.


Please note that there are no refunds provided for any reason once the sale is made so be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This policy is 100% firm so please do not ask,

Check out my EXTRAS if you need even more social signal power.

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Thumb alexey
about 6 hours ago
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about 10 hours ago
Always lives up to his name... truly a Superstar!
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about 13 hours ago
Thanks Good Job again... Keep Rock that thing Man :)
Thumb t shirt logo
about 16 hours ago
Awesome .... Will Use Again!!!
Thumb go viral now gig logo new
about 16 hours ago
Just as described and then some. Thanks
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1 day ago
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
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3 days ago
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about 2 years ago

Do you promote adult sites?

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about 2 years ago

can I use more than URL to push these signal to?

Thumb rsz 11096819 10206457568303563 1350104377 n
almost 2 years ago

Why not drip fed? Is a blast more effective?

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over 1 year ago
can you give discount just first time buyer
Thumb j louis logo ig
8 months ago
Love this service, thanks!
Default avatar
7 months ago
Thanks very much Chris ! Service .... Tots Amazed Balls ! Love it and surely be back :) 
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