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Did you Know the Secret Strategy the Top SEO Gurus use to Maintain #1 Positions for their Agencies and for their Client Websites ?

Welcome to the Next Big Thing in SEO.


What is it and why you need it right now in 2019 ?

The SEO industry is evolving rapidly and research shows Google is giving more importance to User Generated Signals. The old blackhat techniques are fading away.

Links remain still one of the most dominant ranking factors but CTR And Branded TRAFFIC has becoming a significant ranking factor in the current SEO Trends.

But the problem is ,How can we get real traffic and engagement to our website ?

Don't Worry , We have got the solution.

BRANDED SEARCH TRAFFIC - Get Real Engagement and Traffic.

What do I get ?

  1. We are going to send you branded traffic to your website and GMB over a period of 2 weeks.
  2. People type in your brand name in GMB and Website and Click on them.
  3. Stay on your website for some time and then close the browser.

Now this is a solid signal to Google that your brand is popular in the Local Area and will rank you higher.

Ranking for your brand name is very important these days and if you aren't ranking for your brand name , then its very hard for you to rank for any major keywords you are going after.

Now we have used this strategy to beat the sandbox (if there is one) and ranked a site (moderate competition) within 45 days.

Check Screenshot Below !

What is it for me ?

Well you can have the best looking website get as many links as possible but if you don't get enough branded searches a month then you are going to have a hard time figuring out why you aren't ranking.

Now believe me guys when I say this - if you got your branded search correctly then you can rank with less efforts (less links).

Check add ons for some crazy engagement

Brand + Keyword traffic

Traffic to your GMB

FAQs :

Is this safe ?

Completely. We have been testing it for sometime now and has seen drastic improvements in rankings.

How much traffic will i receive ?

We are going to randomize the traffic we send per day to make it completely natural and effective. Our research have found that sending few clicks everyday over a period of time has resulted in drastic ranking improvements than sending them all at once. You can check the traffic on Google Search Console.

How does it actually work ?

Once you order we will ask for your brand name. The user will type in your brand name and click on your website and stay there for sometime and close the window.

Do you offer bulk order discounts ?

Yes , we process 100s of orders a month directly to agency partners. Message us and we will do the best for you.

Can I include it on our monthly SEO Campaigns ?

The answer is straight YES. It's one of the best kept secrets that we and many other top SEOs use as part of their monthly SEO campaigns to increase rankings with less off site efforts.

What is the turnaround time ?

Once we receive your order we will set up the campaign within a day.And we will send traffic throughout a period of 14 days. If you want traffic over a month - check addons.

Tell me about the addons ?

We have some solid addons to increase the effectiveness of this traffic even further.

1) Branded + keyword traffic (Very powerful) - We use this all the time.

Example : Market Fuel Media (brand name) Seattle SEO (keyword)

Keyword typed : market fuel media seattle seo

Note : this traffic can be sent to any inner URLs

2) Send brand+keyword traffic to your GMBs

Go Ahead and Order now ! Get the Rankings your Business Deserves.

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5 months ago
Amazing gig!! Will be placing another order soon.
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I can see the results and I like it!!
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Amazing gig!!!
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5 months ago
thank you - pleasure doing business with you - hope the campaign helps your keyword move up in serps.
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5 months ago
Great work that created a natural rise in my traffic over several weeks.
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5 months ago
thank you - pleasure doing business with you - hope the campaign helps your keyword move up in serps.
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great ob delivered as promised
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Everything looks great, thanks!
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thank you 
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