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"This site has a PR of 9, must be a good quality link" Said no one ever...

Why PageRank is a crap metric

First of all, I want to make something clear to you. I hate bullshit, and that’s why I am tired of seeing these gigs boasting about having high PageRank. Having a site with a high PageRank doesn’t mean squat in 2016, as a matter of fact, it hasn’t mattered for almost 4 years now. Would you purchase a 2016 car model based on a review from 2012?

Unless you lack a brain I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t, so why do it with links? To quote Google’s John Mueller “I wouldn’t use PageRank or links as a metric. We’ve last updated PageRank more than a year ago (as far as I recall) and have no plans to do further updates.” This was said way back in January 2014. Don't believe me? Google the quote and find out why your site haven't been ranking.

Sites that have been banned from Google can still have a PageRank of 9, if the warning bells haven’t rang in your head by now you better buy another gig.

Why I Use Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)

Around the same time that Google decided to ditch PageRank as a ranking metric, a new one emerged, this time it was called Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Instead of ranking a website based only on the number of links it had pointing to it (This is what PageRank did), it measured the amounts of links, the source they came from and how trustworthy it was.

You cannot fool the TF and CF metrics by spamming thousands of links to your site, those days are long gone. Trying to do so will only raise the Citation Flow, making it easy to spot those trying to falsely rank a website. TIP: If a site has a lot more CF than TF it's a sure sign of spammy link building.

I only use Web 2.0’s that have their Trust Flow higher than their Citation Flow, and so should you, at least if you care about building high quality links.

Metrics for some of our blogs


Ranking a "Best of Keyword" with 170 searches a month (low-medium competition)

Ranking a "Keyword review" with 1300 searches a month (medium-high competition)

About My Service

About the blog link
Contextual: Placed logically into a 100% handwritten blog post.
Branded or Naked: Choose if you want to show the naked URL (http://yourwebsite.com) or if you want it branded (Your Website).
Permanent: Don’t worry about losing juice over time because you bought it from a scammer. My links are permanent, meaning they’ll stay on my blog forever. If a link needs to be removed for reasons, I will personally notify you and offer you a refund.

About the service
300 word handwritten blog post: When your purchase my service you’ll get a handwritten 300 word article included with your link. We never use article spinners. If you want to provide your own article it has to be 100% original.
Picture and video included: With every blog post you buy, a picture and video will be included. Some exceptions apply (If I can’t find a related video I’ll only use a picture).
Money back guarantee: Not satisfied with your link? Don’t worry about it, I’ll remove it and you’ll get your money back.
Screenshot Report: Get a view of what our blog post looks like. No direct links to our blogs are provided.

Things you should know before buying:

  • SEO takes time: Don't get discouraged if you don't see any immediate change in rankings, it usually takes a couple of weeks before the a backlink is in full effect.
  • Rankings may drop for a short while: Again, this is nothing to worry about. It's very common for backlinks to drop out of the SERPS when a powerful backlink has been added. More often than not, they bounce back up stronger than before. Check the example below:
  • Rankings can bounce for as long 6 months: It's very common for the first 6 months to have rankings bounce around, one day you can be at position 20 and the next day you can be at 40. This is common and it can take as long as 6 months before your rankings are stable.
  • A single backlink will not give you #1: There are so many things that play a huge part in your SEO. Even if you have a extremely strong backlink, bad on-page SEO can kill a lot of the juice. Diversity is also important, it's smart to have links coming from other sources than just web 2.0's.


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Hey there, I am Mister Web 2.0 Do you want powerful links from trusted web 2.0 blogs? Tired of weak Tumblr links? Of course you do, that's why I am here, to provide you with Web 2.0 links that actually matter. People brag about old metrics Google doesn't care about, I do the opposite.

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