SEO for Cleaning Services - Improve Video Ranking, Boost Website or Google Map

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13 days on average
Small cleaning services embeds backlinks
Small tiered linking
Small cleaning services embeds backlinks
Small tiered linking

Proudly Presented by the Video Marketing Group

Get the Basic 1000+ or Upgrade to 5000+ ...

... Embeds on Cleaning Niche Blogs Covering:


Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning Near Me
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Cleaners Near Me
Cleaning Business
Cleaning Company
Cleaning Contracts
Cleaning Mold
Cleaning Prices
Cleaning Service Near Me
Cleaning Services
Building Cleaning
Commercial Janitorial
Floor Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Professional Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Broom Service
Commercial Window
Maid Service
Stair Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Window Washer
Office Cleaning
Contract Janitorial
Contract Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning Near Me
Window Washing Near Me

and get "Tiered" Niche Relevant Backlinks to your Money Url's ...

This Gig is for Anyone who Wants to Improve:

- Their Video Ranking.
- Boost a Map Listing.
- Power up Parasite Sites.
- Boost a Website Safely.

If it makes Sense to You to use High Authority Tumblrs, PBN's and get Embeds and Niche Relevant Backlinks to your Money URL’s then Order this Gig.

Here is the process I use …

Step 1) I create an Article Post / Video Post with a link back to your Money URL or Video on 10 / 20 Powerful High Authority Tumblr accounts (Depends on Basic or Upgrade). These Powerful Tumblrs have been Hand-Picked for their Excellent Metrics and each account has been tested with Majestic & Moz. Only accounts with the best and highest metrics get selected, registered and then added to the network for RESULTS.

Step 2) I send your Youtube Url and your Channel/Playlist Url for further embedding on 50 / 100 PBN's (Depends on Basic or Upgrade). These PBN’s are made up of High Quality, Aged Domains, that are Socially connected and Backlinked, and have a large Geographical spread for IP diversity. The total number of Embeds you will receive will be 20 times the number of domains due to the IFTTT Network Syndication that is surrounding each PBN.

Step 3) I grab your keywords and spin them and place the spintax into the iframe embed code so that each time the Video, Map or Playlist is embedded it has the relevancy of one of your keywords in the iframe.

Step 4) I then create approximately 150 / 500 Tier 1 (Depends on Basic or Upgrade) links using High PR WEB 2.0 themed for your Niche. When I do this I am usually linking out to your Youtube Video and / or Money Site Url and I also Embed the Youtube Video or Google Map or Playlist. These Tier 1 links also receive Social Likes & Shares.

Step 5) I then divide the total number of Tier 1 links into 20-25 batches of 15-20 Tier 1 links. In other words I create 20-25 backlinking campaigns to backlink those Tier 1 links using a 1-3-12 Tiered Linking Structure. I am again Embedding your Youtube Video or Playlist or Google Map as well I SEO that iframe with your keywords. The Tier 2 links also receive Social Shares & Likes. This then gives you 4 Tier Linking Structure making it very safe and powerful.

Step 6) All the Niche Blog Embed Links are then sent for indexing using Money Robot’s propriety indexing system which utilises the Google Webmaster Submit URL with 1000’s of profiled and phone verified Google accounts.

Step 7) I then add everything into a Google Drive folder and send you a link. You will see Screenshots of the before and after metrics of your video, the metrics of the Tumblrs used, PBN’s used for embedding your video on and the links created which you can then click on to view each blog post.

NOTE - I use your keywords on Tier 1 that you provide with a mix of 90% generic anchor text.

Summary - What you're getting are Powerful Embeds on High Authority Tumblrs and PBN's that have TF, CF & DA. Then you are getting Embeds on (and Niche Relevant Backlinks from) Web 2.0 themed to Your Niche. The Links are Tiered and there are Social Shares, Likes & Views. You are given various Reports to Prove the work has been done. With this kind of Power you have a Very Good chance of Ranking your Videos, Boosting your Map Listings, and Ranking your Sites in a Safe and yet Powerful manner that Google loves.


Video SEO
Video Embeds
Cleaning Niche
SEO for Cleaning
Google Map Embeds
Playlist Embeds
Niche Relevant Backlinks
Social Shares & Likes
Tier 1 Properties
Tiered Backlinks
Money Site
Citation Flow
Trust Flow
Tier 2
Tier 3

P.S. When submitting a non English Video I download your video and submit and English version to the PBN's and link back to your video as well as link back to your channel or playlist.

P.P.S. See all of our Gigs here on your mobile device -

P.P.P.S If you're interested in video marketing then join the Video Marketing Group here -

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over 1 year ago
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over 2 years ago
Had this service recommended by a number of people and I wasn't let down. Over-delivered on what I already had high expectations for. Great communication and the information provided at the end of the gig was good. The best service I have found for this niche.
Thumb video marketing group
over 2 years ago

Thanks for the 5 Star Review Jason :)

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about 3 years ago
Thumb video marketing group
about 3 years ago

Thanks Craig :)

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about 3 years ago
Thanks! Great job!
Thumb video marketing group
about 3 years ago

You're welcome. Thank you. :)

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about 3 years ago
Another awesome job! Great service! Recommend.
Thumb video marketing group
about 3 years ago

Thank you very much :)

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about 3 years ago
Great job as usual. Over delivered! Recommend.
Thumb video marketing group
about 3 years ago

Thanks mate :)

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about 3 years ago
Awesome work! Thanks! Recommend.
Thumb video marketing group
about 3 years ago

Thank you :)

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