100% Hands-FREE PBN Service - TF15+, DA15+ & One Year FREE Hosting

SEO/PBN Creation
5 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
9 days on average

The IgniteFirst 100% Hands-Free PBN Building Solution

Available to SourceWave Members at a Special Introductory Price of only $45

That's a whopping 25% Discount  From The Regular Price We Charge Our Clients

Available for only a limited period


If you're someone who is looking to own a high quality PBN absolutely hands-free, then this should be your go-to solution.


The Service:

  • High authority aged domain with great metrics and link profile
  • 12 months FREE hosting on unique IPs
  • Fully setup wordpress site built with required pages and relevant plugins
  • 3 X 100% unique handwritten blog posts relevant to your niche
  • Relevant images
  • Niche relevant videos

Special SourceWave Bonus:

- Custom made logo

- Premium themes

- Social properties

Super Cool Domains:

  • TF15, CF15
  • DA10+ guaranteed, often DA15+
  • At least 10 Root domains linking often many more.
  • Domain age up-to 16 years
  • 100% clean history
  • Zero spam links
  • Varied TLDs - .com, .org, .net, .ca, .uk etc
  • WhoIs protection enabled/random info used
  • Archive/Wayback machine checked
  • Screenshots checked
  • No spam anchors

Stable, Hassle-Free Hosting:
  • 100% FREE for first 12 months. Afterwards, it's just $2/month
  • Hosted on Unique IPs
  • Custom created nameservers
  • 100% independent Cpanel logins provided
  • Upto 1GB Space and 10GB monthly bandwidth
  • No SEO Hosting Involved here, only top quality hosting is being used.

Beautiful, Real Looking Websites:

  • Fully setup beautiful websites
  • Premium themes used wherever possible
  • All third party crawlers blocked for extra protection
  • All relevant plugins installed and activated

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Disable Comments
  3. Contact Form 7.0
  4. Disable Google fonts
  5. Show hide Author
  6. Styled Facebook Like Box
  7. W3 total Cache
  8. Wordpress Ad Widget
  9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
  10. And several more..


If you have to get a similar site built by yourself, then you will need to spend hours & dish out $$$ to:

  • find and pick high quality domains without any spam links/bad history
  • buy and maintain hosting with unique IP for each of your sites
  • write content for your site, which is just too boring if you know what we mean
  • setup sites, install and activate plugins, widgets, take care of crawlers etc.

Why do you want to do all this when you can get everything done at a really affordable price?

Your report will contain:

1. Your domain info and metrics
2. Domain registrar account login ( They belong to you )
3. Cpanel login info
4. Wordpress login
5. Details of theme used
6. Details of plugins installed
7. Details of social properties that were setup

This is so far the best all-in-one PBN building service you can get at this price. And trust us when we say this, we have already built 3000+ private blogs so far!
Kindly note, we use a variety of TLDs, such as .com, .org, .net, .uk, .fr, .be, .ca etc. At the moment we cannot restrict to any particular TLD unless mutually agreed earlier.
Take action now and grab this golden chance

If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to contact us. Always happy to answer you.
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2 months ago
Have used a few times, always a great job. Thanks!!
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2 months ago
Spammy service and spammy pop up again and again.
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2 months ago
Thumb ross midian header brian
4 months ago
Great work I am looking to order more in the future
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5 months ago
Thanks for the great service. I will back for more.
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8 months ago
Delivered as promised, will use again.
Thumb 7gv0qgjirajjp2nzmgqmskenwrmmk daupq9rsxdvsbnahy  ytmza
9 months ago
Very fast and reliable as usual. I s a very good company.
Thumb 7gv0qgjirajjp2nzmgqmskenwrmmk daupq9rsxdvsbnahy  ytmza
10 months ago
Very fast and professional. Very good customer support. Very professionals and excellent service.
Thumb william alexander
11 months ago
Bad service, no results, waste of money.
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12 months ago
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about 3 years ago

Hi, for your offer. May I know how much PBN will I get? Interested on the service.. I have a hosting reseller so I can host the site. .Just wondering on the PBN..

Please let me know..


Thumb contact icon 2014 lo 250x250
about 3 years ago

I'd like to get a 5 pack with premium domains, but there isn't an option for that (just able to add 4 with the 5 pack package), can you do that?. If the work is good then I will likely buy the bigger 20 premium packs as I'm scaling up my business significantly.

Also Ideally I would like to focus them in the United Kingdom, so hosting ideally would be based there and the writing would be UK English, is that possible? If you don't do hosting here, am I able to move the sites away during the free years period to UK hosting?

In terms of domains, again the more generic and UK focused the better, do we get to choose the topics the domains can cover so they are niche specific (like say a wedding related one or builder/construction) or are they just random?


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almost 3 years ago

Hello there

Is there a payment option other than paypal, as that doesn't work from my country.



Thumb kimimage1
over 2 years ago
one of the domains i purchased lost trust scores in 2 months - not sure if it was faked trust scores or what happened .. waste my time to build it up with writing articles each week - 
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over 2 years ago
Hi we purchased from you on Decemebr 9th this add-on: Get a total of 10 TF20+ Fully Built PBNs with all the goodies included $383. PayPal details are here: Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 86600361GN718184G)Business Name:Digix Marketing Private Limited (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)Email:accounts@digixmarketing.com
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about 2 years ago
Fantastic service! I received my PBN in just a few days and it was clean and as described. Thank you again!
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over 1 year ago
Is the aged domain niche relevant?
Thumb peanutbutternoodles logo
over 1 year ago
Hello I'd like to see results from your pbn's as review from a 1 week old pbn is not gonna really cut it for me :D
Medium iflogo
Online 1 day ago



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