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If you're looking for the firepower needed to safely launch a new site, or break through into the first page. This is the gig to go for. We've ranked many of our own client sites with these exact same PBNs, and they are used from the first few weeks of a new site all the way to when we've already ranked on the first page.

Positive SERP movement guaranteed, we're that confident. If you order any 20 link package, we will follow your journey and track your keywords (max 3 for 20 links) together with you. Given that your on-page SEO is done right and you haven't done anything disastrous off-page, we will ensure 100% that you get a positive SERP spike.

We've done it so many times it's ridiculous how reliable these links are. These links simply work, we've got 400+ positive reviews on Konker and each one of them represent a different success story.

So go ahead and stock up on some links for the next 3 months (we allow drip feed schedules up to 3 months from your order date).

Do wait for the image to load fully, it become much clearer once loaded properly!

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Specifically For Your Money Site!

Hey guys, Alistair Hunt here from (Previously Ranking Foundries).

Here's what you'll get from ordering the basic gig at $24(Now $20):

  • Contextual Backlink within a Human HAND WRITTEN Article for your site (500+ words)
  • Insanely Great Niche Sites - High Metrics at min TF 17 CF 17 (Can go up to the 20s).
  • You Decide the Anchor Text & URL!
  • You Decide the ARTICLE TOPIC!
  • DeepBase link guarantee of 1 year from the order date, which = a free link replacement if trust flow drops
  • HelpDesk support  - simply open a ticket and our customer happiness guy Danny will see your issue resolved. Email him at if you face any issues.
  • No PBN footprint as all our servers are on different IP addresses and geo-locations

All our PBN Sites have:

TF 17+
CF 17+
DA 10+
PA 15+

Guaranteed to pass on trust, authority and juice to your money site!

You can still check the website if you want to through webmaster tools backlinks, as we won't block Google Bot.

All sites are on TOTALLY DIFFERENT IPs. This means unique IP Classes for every PBN. We are not using cheap $1 hosting as we have a better solution to diversify the IP classes. Hosting gets split up all around the world, plugins and post dates are also varied.  

The longevity of the network is my utmost priority and we do not risk any site for any client.

As such, we do not accept:  Adult,Payday,Gambling,Illegal money sites.

All sites have different themes, no spun content, and bi-weekly content updates without backlinks to keep the site fresh and looking good.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me!

Thanks for the support,
Alistair Hunt

Appreciate all your great support!

Oh and remember to order with:!

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5 days ago
Great link as usual!
Thumb seo konker
29 days ago
Links Look Great! Thank You!
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about 1 month ago
Awesome link as usual
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about 1 month ago
Great links and recognized in my webmaster tools already! THanks.
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about 1 month ago
Good service as usual!
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2 months ago
Great link as usual, will be back for more!
Thumb seo konker
2 months ago
Originally messed up the link placement and took a while to fix it, kinda irked me... but then they fixed it... and my site shot up to the first page for several competitive keywords pretty much overnight. I monitor my sites several times a DAY, it was definitely the SINGLE link that these guys built that broke me onto the front page after MONTHS of trying - in a niche that most of you pantywaisted SEO's wouldnt even try to rank in. I will be using these on all of my client sites. I dont know these guys and this is just my experience. Buy these links, you wont regeret it.
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2 months ago
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
Delivered my gig without a link which defeats the purpose of the gig. Notified the seller of this and he corrected it but the anchor text was randomly chosen and not any of the given choices which was completely useless. Notified seller and he promised to make it up with two new links. Have been trying to communicate for months with no reply. Basically stole my money.
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over 1 year ago

Has anyone else got their link reports yet? I haven't got mine yet. Been waiting since the 1/10/16.

Thumb jonblomquist
over 1 year ago

Do you limit the accepted number of links you place onto your PBNs?

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over 1 year ago

Hi, how many backlinks will i get for a single gig, i mean how many PBN domains you'll link from ?

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over 1 year ago

Can you send me sample report ?

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over 1 year ago

Says they don't accept adult sites but an article close to mine is for escort services...

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