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SEO/Content Creation
20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >
20 days on average


****Recommended for Client Sites, Money Sites, or Top Level PBNs****

*****This version of this service is for custom-quoted, bulk orders only. The standard gig is here: http://market.source-wave.com/services/805*****

Real, High-Quality Written Content

(Something you can't actually get at $1 per 100 words)

Not just an SEO content generator but:

A real writer.

A penman.

A wordsmith.

Do you know what it takes to read a 1500 word article?

(a) a long attention span and nothing better to do
(b) a serious problem that needs solving
(c) damn good content that you can't stop scrolling

Well the answer is (d):

Any or all of the above.

Luckily for you, I've got (c) more than covered.

Put my content on your site and all that's left is
to send the groups from (a) and (b) to the page.

Or, if you are really attached to your high bounce
rate, keep ordering text from iWriter and fiverr.


I do research. Then I produce juicy content.

Welcome to the white hat world baby!

Actually providing your users with value...

Who would have thought that Google rewards
you for having content that people like...

Oh wow, are those REAL social signals from
HUMAN BEINGS that actually enjoyed the
read,  liked, shared, and commented?!

Holy hell, who would have thought?!

Obviously, this gig is not meant for DA 7 PBNs

It's meant for sites that have real traffic
and want to keep it.

Tell me, are you still reading?

Need more proof? Look through my testimonials

And if that isn't enough for you, just visit:

Read my pages and posts.

And if you still aren't sure if I can deliver, ask for samples.

I'm more than happy to share my work, but:

I can't just reveal all my clients across the net to everyone.
I work with affiliate marketers who rank number 1.
I ghostwrite for bloggers who have 10,000s unique visitors/month.
I create content for IM consultants and their clients.

So you'll have to ask if you want more
than the playful copy you are reading

Now, if you are still reading:

(b) You must have a content problem.


(c) My text is so good you can't stop reading long
enough to scroll to the buy now button and put in
an order.


I release you to go do that.

Otherwise, prepare yourself to slog through
dry information and chunky blocks of text.

Might be better that you suffer through it anyway:

That way, you'll know how the users on your
current site feel and be able to relate to them better:


  • well-researched, extremely thorough articles such as "The Comprehensive Guide to abc" or "Everything you need to know about xyz" (You will literally have the easiest to read, most in-depth article on the Internet about the topic if you can pay for the words necessary)
  • fun to read, engaging posts in a friendly voice that drive social shares... plenty of calls to action (comment, share, whatever you want) without a bunch of useless words driving your users away
  • creating series of posts or articles around a specific keyword or theme... great for filling out the various pages or posts of your silo structure
  • sales copy that simply converts
  • developing a unique voice specific to the project... I can throw in all kinds of quirks seamlessly (humor, profanity, slang, a particular opinion, etc)
  • webpage content: about us info, service blocks, call to action texts, and really any text to fill out the large and small elements of the modern webpage
  • the slickest, most natural-seeming keyword incorporation possible... your users will have no idea the content was written for SEO and the search engines will love the LSIs and high readability
  • visually appealing posts or pages that keep users scrolling with great spacing and dynamic imagery that is placed strategically (not just to support text but also to break it up and help keep people on the page)

Crowdsearch.me is great and all, but aren't you tired of paying people to stay on your webpages?

Buy some content that will do more than take up space. Order from a content mastermind now!

Please note:

I am more than willing to help you plan out the
text for your entire site, but I offer (and charge for)
content development plans as a service as well.

Keep that in mind when making inquiries.


WordPress Upload - Not only do I have WordPress skills, I'm also a master of on-page SEO and have an in-depth understanding of website usability.  I won't just upload your text. I'll make it look better, convert higher, and send the right signals to the search engines.

Image Finder - Images are one of the most important parts of website design, content marketing, and online marketing as a whole.  Allow me to find engaging imagery to go along with your post for deeper impact and stronger branding.

Dynamic Layout - Modern websites don't just contain article-style content.  If you want a dynamic layout for your homepage or landing page, I can create a layout that will help to highlight your content, drive time on page, and increase conversions.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET: This listing is for custom-quoted bulk orders only.  Get in touch with me before you order this service. You can find the main gig page is here: http://bit.ly/worldsbestwriter

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over 3 years ago
What can I say about Zach....hmmmmm...that he is genius at what he does! He's my go-to primary copywriter for all my upcoming clients. He's that good! A+++ If you're having copy built by him, I highly recommend paying extra for the content formatting, it's worth it.
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