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Wirecast Youtube Live Event Upload

Have you ever wanted...

to get your local business ranked in Google?

to quickly impress a client or prospect with instant Youtube rankings in Google?

quick traction for a new project or affiliate venture in the form of a live event that outrank your competitors?

It usually takes months or even years to get traction in Google but by streaming a live YouTube event through software called Wirecast you can get instant video rankings in the Google search results! The only problem is it takes time and effort to complete this. Not to mention the software is expensive and not exactly user friendly...

Watch Alex Becker's Wirecast recommendation and tutorial called Make Money In 24 Hours From Instant YouTube Rankings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VkRJ1A3zjY.

Let me upload your Youtube live event for you through Wirecast. Just send me the title and description for your video along with the video file and I'll do the grunt work. (If you don't have a video to upload check out my extras).

The title is going to be the main thing that you rank for and please people, do your keyword research for optimum results! If you are completely new to Search Engine Optimization and do not know how to do any keyword research I would suggest that you order my guaranteed first page ranking extra. I will do the research for you and find keywords in your niche that you can instantly rank for. 

Just send me the login details for your Youtube account and I'll do the upload. You can change your password after the order is completed. You will need a phone verified Youtube account to get your video live streamed so please make sure your Youtube account is phone verified and enabled for live streaming.
If you don't have a channel check out my extras.

All live uploads now come in 480p HD quality.

If you're in a competitive niche and need to get the video ranked check out this guy's awesome gig for imbeds and social signals to your video URL after you got the live upload from me. An absolute lethal combination: http://www.konker.io/services/244-embed-video-or-google-map-on-311-social-125-web-2-0-syndwire-pbn-e...

If your video is longer than 15 minutes please add an extra gig for every 15 minute mark crossed. Thank you :)

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Thumb honorable seo
about 2 years ago

Epic new video Pieter!

Thumb honorable seo
about 2 years ago

Is that public domain / free to use music you used? Pretty good stuff!

Thumb pic 15 07 06 19 53 37
about 2 years ago

Hi there, first time I see this comment section man. Sorry for only replying now. I think that is free but I'll have to make sure. Called something like "feel good" or something like that. Can't really remember where I got it but I'll try and find out for you

Thumb honorable seo
almost 2 years ago

NP, yeah it's good stuff let me know... There is also some pretty good music out there by a project/artist called nocopyrightsounds, check them out on YouTube, you're free to use any of their music as long as you give credit... pretty good deal!

Default avatar
almost 2 years ago

rude and couldn't deliver - tried to add new services and new charges - not recommended

Thumb pic 15 07 06 19 53 37
almost 2 years ago

This is one of those buyers you want to stay away from as far as possible. Started out asking me why he can't figure out doing Wirecast for himself. So I gave him advice on what I think might be the problem with his setup. He then orders a gig and demands that his order should be serviced immediately and that he can't wait until the estimated delivery time. I refunded him his money and he left me a bad review. Now he's nagging me about the 20% commission ($1) that went to the person that introduced him to Source Market. Why am I even wasting my time typing this... LOL

Thumb honorable seo
almost 2 years ago

Thanks Pieter!

Becker said the buyer rating system will be functioning soon, so people like this guy won't even be able to purchase services on SM!

Rejoice... it's a sellers paradise!


Default avatar
almost 2 years ago

seller cancelled but refuses to give full refund, claiming the referral fee doesn't get refunded  - seriously?? - and writing rude responses - totally unprofessional - stay away, there are plenty of other sellers

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