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11 days on average

Looking for top quality articles and want a bulk discount? BOOM! You've found it.

By placing an order for 10 articles at once, you'll get each article for $19.9, which is a steal for the quality delivered and for 1,000 words.

Right now, we are doing an introductory discount, so each article is only $14.9. This offer will last until Tuesday, so act quickly.

Quality Is Double-Checked And Triple-Checked

Not only do we work with consistent, good quality writers, we also run every article past a proofreading and editing team, meaning you get twice the quality for the same price.

While this means the turnaround time is slightly longer, it is well worth the wait. If you want instant articles, I suggest you check out some other gigs at source market.

User Satisfaction

We've delivered hundreds of articles in the past, and never been asked for a refund. I'm not sure what the industry standard is, but I can bet that we are above it with these stats!


Before offering this service at Source-Wave, we handled many orders directly at HumanProofDesigns. Here are some testimonials for you:

Here's another:

Turnaround Time

Typically it will take 12 days to deliver you 10 articles, but we are giving a guaranteed date of 16 days to allow room for clarifying project details with you.

Example Articles

Of course you want examples, and we've included links to them here:

How To Treat A Sinus Infection

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great gig, reccomended. now added to my favoutes. will use again as i am working on some new projects
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Thank you for providing this service, very high quality.
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Wow, nice job. Thanks!
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