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Hey Guys Steve here from we are finally offering our Done For You Domain Authority Stacking Process here on Source Market.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  As the first seller of Done For You DAS we have been testing and formulating our process and we are very pleased to tell you that our process is better than ever.

We can't give away the whole goose, but if you see the diagram we have Thematic Power, Contextual Power, Trust Flow Power and Raw Power.  As a process it moves sites. 

What You Get from This order-

  • Profile Creation of contextual link web 2.0 properties.  12-20 depending on need for the campaign
  • Social properties built out 20- either branded or tier 2 as needed.
  • Logins for the properties.
  • High DA unique profiles where we drop your links and can include descriptions about your business.
  • EDU Links for that extra Push and trust
  • List of links for the campaign. 
  • Our Highly Filtered GSA push that will help power up your contextuals.
  • Another Power Shot in your arm to the Above GSA Campaign. 
  • This is designed to "Push It.  Push It Real Good."

We don't use crazy sales graphics or descriptions here.  Mostly because we are too busy testing. 

Here is stuff I copied from our website so you can learn more about DAS if you are not familiar with it....

  • DAS Or Domain Authority Stacking is a strategic method for increasing MozTrust. Why Increase MozTrust? This makes it easier to rank your website! DAS also increases the Trust Flow, Domain Authority of Your Site as well As the Inner Pages of Your Site that are being built with the DAS implementation.

  • What it is not- Tiered Linking.  This is not pillowing or link wheels. This is a way to make your linking look natural and is a great fit with directory listings, PBN\’s and other SEO Strategies that your SEO Agency is already using.


  • What will I get Get from this? Higher MozTrust, Increased Page Authority of your feeder sites and increased DA and PA of your Money Site. Huge Increases in SERPS, happy clients and a loving devoted spouse who worships your every move.


  • 10’s of Thousands of Dollars worth of back-links when implemented properly ranging from a DA 53 to 100!


  • What We do– What we will be building out for you is the same structure that highly respected sites like Amazon, Yelp, Google and YouTube have acquired naturally over the years. If you look at the structure and the way that their site is boosted up, it is done from partner domains in the form of votes of confidence or back links. A back link is most effective at passing juice as well as Trust when it comes from a thematically relevant site.

    What we do is manually build out mirrored sites that are niche related to help pass the trust and power that Google is looking for to bolster up your site. We will be building out a network of partner sites on a wide variety of powerful/trustworthy platforms that shows diversity and therefore viability as a site that has appeal in your niche.

    Social Signals, when used properly are also a huge ranking factor. A site without a social networking structure with shares and likes and Google +1’s does not look as natural vs a site with shares from real people with real active social media accounts.  Our unique build out of a syndication system is revolutionary in helping your unique content get shared with people who are searching for it. We build “the machine” and all you need to do is feed it with great content and proper on-page SEO structure that you are currently doing.

    We build a network of partner domains, boost up the trust and power to help your site gain traction with social integration. The higher the trust & power of your site, the greater the capacity for rankings. Rest assured our team is top notch when it comes to safety and doing things the right way. You are in good hands!

What You Get From DFYDAS

  • As a DFYDAS customer you will receive a report of all web 2.0 accounts that we create for you for your own future use.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you are working with Experts in the SEO world personally & professionally trained by the DAS creators themselves.

  • From National Searches, to Highly competitive Regional and Local Keywords, we have been successful and have hit #1 for nearly everyone of our own SEO clients in our Agency. While this is highly powerful, there are other SEO tactics that should always be accomplished like Citations for Local clients and websites, Directory Listings, analyzing and mimicking the competition and Let’s not forget the importance of Proper On Page SEO. That being said, this is the most powerful form of SAFE & EFFECTIVE link structuring that you will find on the market. No BS!



  • We are Fantastic At What We Do- But you are responsible for making sure that your site is set up with proper on page SEO.  No amount of DAS or SEO juice is going to fix your site’s rankings if you do not have the basics down.

This is real power you are playing with here. We know what we are doing and we do it very well.  When you are stuck and simply can’t move your site, or want to get a solid foundation for a new client, start with DAS.

This works extremely well on new sites, and yet is still powerful enough to boost up aged domains as well.

  • Page Authority – Is the predictive ranking strength of a webpage, makes up the Domain Authority of Your Website.
  • Domain Authority– The DA of your site is comprised of the PA of your pages within the site.
  • Citation Flow – Is a number predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.
  • Trust Flow – Is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.  Our Nuclear Fuel package below EXPLODES your TF numbers into a mushroom cloud of domination with no work on your part!

Listen we know from our field testing that this stuff works. It is being used and taught by the Best SEO’s in the World. We are constantly discovering new ways to implement a DAS Stack in order to increase the SERPS. When you only go after PA and DA and forget about the trusted-ness of a site, you will not have the results you are looking for. In today’s SEO landscape, Trust and Power Really are King!

High DA & PA Combined With High TF & CF = DOMINATION!

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