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Welcome to the BEST Expired TUMBLR Web 2.0 Service on Konker,

 Responsible for 1000's of Top 10 Rankings

Get 8x Super Strong Contextual Backlinks from my famous Web 2 PBN networks and start seeing powerful SERP results in the 1 - 2 weeks from now.

-- 2 Month Case Study --

  A new amazon affiliate website setup 2 months ago and is now ranking for competitive KW terms getting 3200 Visits a month using nothing but Web 2.0 PBN's to Rank and BANK on Amazon Affiliates


Here are some ranking examples

Rankings from 10th May 2016

Need more quality phone leads for clients?

Other Ranking Examples

How do they work?

If you are serious about ranking for profitable keyword terms in Google then you probably know that most of the ranking power is going to come from quality contextual links from juiced up domains which pass TRUST FLOW and DOMAIN AUTHORITY.

Google values links from trusted sources and high authority websites like Tumblr which all have above DA 90+ and Google simply loves them and them simply not in the same league as a PBN....

That's unless you spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on quality expired domains which can do the same thing at only $50 if you order this gig today.


WEB 2s that Pack a Punch

(See below) Example Blogs you will get if you order


This is not some fiverr gig that gets you a bunch useless and powerless SPAMMY links.

These 8 links you will receive will be more powerful than any brand new web 2.0 network, blog comment links and PBN combined, Because unlike new WEB 2.0 links they have NO backlinks and link power going to them .

Sit back, chill or keep busy doing other important things in your business while I do all the hard repetitive work for you.

I build all my links manually and follow all the best practices of Google to keep your websites safe from footprints with the intention to help you reap in the benefits in getting better results for your SEO campaigns.

For only $50 you will get 8 PERMANENT super authority quality juiced up back links coming from aged and authoritative WEB 2 blogs.


Your links will consist of a related image and a small passage of unique content to give each individual post some contextual relevance.
(Optional: Using your own article is optional at no additional charge)

Blog metrics.

  • DA 98 
  • PA 10 -  30+
  • TF 10 -  20 - 30+ 

What you get with this gig:

  • 8 PERMANENT links from different blogs (1 contextual link per post)
  • 8 different keywords (anchors)
  • 8 images (1 image per post)
  • 8 keyword focused urls for the tumblr posts
  • Hand written passage of text - NO SPUN CONTENT
  • Full report of all tumblr links
  • No questions asked money back guarantee if not delivered on time
  • Free indexing
  • Free social bookmarking via my aged FCS Networker Social accounts.
  • All links will be drip fed over a 1 - 5 day period.

Like anyone selling links on Konker  I cannot promise 1st position rankings (this is not a magic bullet).
Using these types of links will help your SEO efforts and its fair to say that you will see ranking jumps as a result of the links being applied to your Money Sites, however there are no Guarantees as every website is different.

These links are great for easy, medium and hard competition keywords.
In a more specific cases, these links are great for nudging stubborn 2nd page rankings to the 1st page.

Extras: The Post ONLY on TF 20+ Blogs (Extra Sauce) [SAVE $15.00] gig extra accounts for 1 standard gig purchase of 8x blogs, this dosnt include an additional 8x links

- Additional 4x link posting options only counts as a standard order of links and is not included into Post ONLY on TF 20+ Blogs (Extra Sauce) [SAVE $15.00] gig extra 

NOTE: Orders pertaining to Gambling, Casino, Adult 18+ content or Phama niche markets are not accepted for this service.

If you are unsure of your niche please message me any questions you may have.

Many new domains included into the network - 20+ TF from authoritative sites.

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Thumb seo konker
8 days ago
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27 days ago
Very good metrics, thanks!
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3 months ago
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6 months ago
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8 months ago
Great service and great communication!!
Thumb tom johnston
8 months ago
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8 months ago
Thumb tom johnston
9 months ago
Thumb tom johnston
9 months ago
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9 months ago
Great service; Will use again!
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almost 2 years ago

This guy is a spammer and a scammer.

He copied another persons gig from the source market


Thumb 12032147 10153103253983062 5343354889814500151 n
almost 2 years ago

Matt, Thanks for dragging me into your pathetic drama shit storm, so with that in mind, because I apparently I have plenty of stuff to do today and could of done with out your BS so today I will respond to your little shit storm you have created for me. So lets do this BS, this is going to be amazing. #boominmygannypantiesfgt Setting the scene, I create a gig here on SM which renders a similar service to another seller here on SM. I created my own ad with different and unique ad copy which offers a similar result and delivery of links, I used the other sellers listing as inspiration for structure and flow of my own ad BUT NOT the content and I wrote all my copy from scratch. After I promoted my listing on the Proper PBN market place I was soon after approached by Roy Allen, but we will call him “Concerned SEO Roy” – don’t forget him he is an important guy in this manifesto and apparently knows keyword %%%%’s. I first had a conversation with Roy Allen (Concerned SEO Roy), some guy from one of the groups that I guess is connected to the sellers of the gig I apparently ripped off. (Note: the sellers did not contact me about my ad and I thought Roy was the seller at the time) Heres the convo we had (see screen shot below) -- TL;DR He said I copied someone else gig and I denied it. It went back an forth and he was convinced that I copied this other sellers ad with the underlying assumption that I was trying to under cut the other seller and rip them off (the last time I looked competition existed everywhere, especially in SEO and I didnt know this was a crime to be competitive…But don’t worry I was informed by our friend Roy of my ill behaviours on the internet). Concerned SEO Roy pointed out to me that I have a similar What you get with this gig section to the original seller, which is a list of the final expected deliverables, which were different as I was offering a limited time sale of $10 for 8 posts/links with 8 images and Social bookmarking and other indexing, Note: what I am selling is not proprietary services, get a scraper and anyone can do it), in addition I had a disclaimer stating the obvious that "I do not promise page one rankings" which is out of courteously for potential buyers, and can be seen on many other gigs through out SM, but that was the only thing Concerned SEO Roy thought he could pin on me for using similar deliverables a similar structure to the ad. Bare in mind all images are my own and content is unique… Puzzled to see the connection between the two, by then I was giving way Roy too much air time for my comfort.

Long story short, the conversation was going no where and Roy wanted to make a point that I “should be original with my services! And blah blah” and I said "you're probably right" in an effort to defuse the conversation, and as it turned out it worked, unbeknown to me later that day Mattyboy was going to use this against me to try to prove I am a scammer/spammer or whatever. Here is the full conversation with Concerned SEO Roy, a member of the SEO community, meet Roy everyone http://www.screencast.com/t/tFN47iCeU (no aff link) My apologies its not over yet, we are technically just getting started unfortunately... For some of you who know Matt Chalk, its no "secret sauce" of how much of low life egocentric psychopath piece of trash he is who happens to have nothing better to do in his day but to come after people like me in an attempt to tarnish my name for something that is completely false flagged to begin with.   Matt got told by Concerned SEO Roy that I copied a gig from SM, and Matt immediately responded with attacking me and banning me from all the Proper PBN Groups he is admin in and saying I copied word for word a gig from another seller from SM, which again, is completely false, AGAIN I merely used other sellers gig as an outline of the structure of my ad which you can clearly see, AGAIN My ad copy is completely unique but follows a similar chronological order of the other sellers gig (didnt know that was considered copying word for word?).My apologies this is dragging on but i want to be clear  :)Chalky automatically start flapping his gums at me saying that I am a bad dude for doing what I did, In response I asked him to read my copy to see what he thinks, surprisingly he FLAT OUT denied my request. Some of the conversation went back and forth on the public skype group as a result of him blocking me on Facebookfrom chatting with him. This was the time when he threw me out of all the groups and didn’t talk to me for a little while so I turned to the Skype group and kicked up a fuss in there.

Long story short he wanted it continue the conversation Via facebook PM (hush hush) and that’s where he started spazzing out . Just look at the conversation (Screen Shot link below  -- no aff links) I had with him on facebook -- keep in mind this dude is a quick typer. That being said I couldn’t even get a proper word across to answer his ranting. I said to him to post evidence of my wrong doings.  Then he posted this screen shot and you never guessed what I learned next… If its click bait its probably full of shit, right? Yes it is! (prepare yourself for the most incriminating evidence against me http://prntscr.com/94cxeu to date), his best evidence of me was me saying to our friend Roy “Your probably right” (actual bad grammer) Now let that sink in..... are you dying already? Instantly Matt hits overdrive and stats twisting my words saying I "admitted" to ripping off and copying this other seller which was clearly not the case as I wanted Concerned SEO Roy off my back. See Matt Chalks conversation here http://www.screencast.com/t/02eW1XRQ9 

Then he blocked me. Circling back a little bit, Inbetween Matts tirade he briefly pointed out that I posted a Source Market link on the group which I had no idea it was not allowed as I didnt see any Documentation or information in the side bar stating otherwise. (another screenshot of proof http://www.screencast.com/t/QjBKN0voVVqw)

I am weary of reading the rules as I run a 14,000 member group and I have all posting rules in clear view for all members to digest. I found out my gig was deleted and I never got the memo from anyone in the group, I thought it was a mistake (that was my bad I should of asked first) that being said I saw people were posting their own websites and some Source Market links so I thought maybe direct linking from the Fb PBN Group to SM was not allowed for some people? so I threw up my own sales page on my websire linking to purchase the gig on source market. That’s it.I dont expect people to talk out against him because they want to remain in good standing with the groups he is apart of, but I think we can all agree this guy is just a dick.

Matt Chalky doo daa please respond, if you IDC anyway :)    


Thumb cool 2
almost 2 years ago

Why has your service got parts of the other guys tumblr service in it? Did you ask if you could use there content? Your "1st ranking promise" or whatever it is is just copied straight from there service.....and other parts?????

Thumb 12032147 10153103253983062 5343354889814500151 n
almost 2 years ago

No actually

Thumb landscape 216653 640
almost 2 years ago

I don't actually find what you wrote not funny at all. You are tying to run a professional service not rant about people. I would be interested in some quality tumblr links but that rant has made me think twice. You should never copy content/material or whatever from anyone.

Thumb 12032147 10153103253983062 5343354889814500151 n
almost 2 years ago

Didn't write it to be funny ,No loss either way, just use your own head and not the opinions of others. So far the reviews of my work speak for themselves.  Thanks

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