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Hello, I'm Cermy and I will create a 60FPS gameplay video of your android game and publish it on my Gaming YouTube channel along with the links to the game itself. Once the gameplay is recorded and uploaded, it will stay there permanently, sending traffic and providing exposure for your release. (SEO and marketing friendly).

Every day, millions enjoy simple gameplay videos and your game can also become available to the same audience. A video will make your game more accessible and result in not only in more awareness but also in direct downloads.

All you need to do is to provide me with access to your game and I will do the rest. Aside from the video that showcases the gameplay, I will write a 5-star review in store and in the description, along with relevant meta-tags of your choosing.

Unique gig features:
► A 60FPS gameplay video
► A stable frame rate
► Permanent posting on a growing gaming channel
► A written review in the Description
► A selection of YouTube tags that will make the video SEO-friendly

Don't let your game go unnoticed - use this gig to help players find it!
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