Want "Yoursite" as backround for an Avatar Spokesperson for 5 bucks

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High quality Avatar and Spokesperson videos are very much demand.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE A SAMPLE OF THIS VIDEO Please open a new tab and
Paste this link into your browser window.


Would you like to have "YOUR SITE" as the back-round . and you can give
us your script if you don't want to use ours.

Or let us know what you want to promote, and we will make an Avatar
video with that subject, company or product.

Please choose your preference of a Male or Female avatar.

Each video introduces the named category.
You then proceed with our introduction or
your own pitch (AD,Info)

You choose your category//
if we do not have it,
give me the script you want used and we will make it.
 perfect body
 make money secrets
 table tennis
 word press

$5.00 This is a SPECIAL START-UP price.

Click the Order Now button:  Let me know which category
you have chosen That is all there is to it you are done.

thank you

we offer different languages too/ additional charge $10.00

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I been selling on SM aka Konkers for a little over 1 1/2 years I can find any niche or kw you want. To Find the niche you want, I spend hours looking thru lists to find what is available, and can it help you. SOMEONE who CARES About you ,and your business And that's ME

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