[HIGH Authority!] Niche Outreach Aged Guest Posts (Better than PBN links)

3 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >
1 day on average

Get High TRUST and HIGH Authority Outreach Guest Posts!

What are you going to get:

These will be links with REAL authority, inside relevant content surrounding your anchors

Get Real Sites from Real Authors!

Ranking can't possibly get any easier with links like these! Our team has used these links and connections with site authors for years to get amazing results throughout all the different algorithm updates that have come up.

The reason?

Safe and real backlinking, no footprints, no obvious PBNs

These sties have: NO backlink spam, no outgoing spam, high google trust, original content, high authority backlinks, natural metrics. natural and unique website design, no archive.org previous signs of spam.

Most of these websites will have incredibly powerful backlinks from high authority websites received organically.

These are:

  • NOT PBNs
  • NOT Fake Outreach
  • Obviously NOT 2.0s
  • NOT Links Management
  • NOT Sape

General Stats of our sites:

DA/PA: Can go up to 40+ (minimum is 10)

TF/CF: Can go up to 40+

RDs: Can go up to 10000+

Outbound Links: The max OBL number you’ll find in our guest posts will be 3 including your link, if you want to link to more than 1 domain per guest post then feel free to contact us beforehand.


Read them below!

Why do you need them? Just check these results we've had with clients:


To rank higher in the search engines, in google specifically you will need links pointing to your sites, that's a given. And those links must have some real authority in google's eyes, sites with proper authors and real readers, you won't get that with expired domains or web 2.0s, even if the content is amazing and their backlink profile is outstanding.

You also need to diversify your linking profile, sending PBN links and web 2.0s leaves a footprint.

The reason 2.0s and PBNs aren't ideal is because many things can go wrong, google KNOWS when a site expired and got picked up by someone else and started running a blog on it despite never being a blog, google KNOWS what a web 2.0 is and why SEOs use them. There are also countless footprints that can take whole networks down and taint the sites that they pointed at, simply because it's obvious it was done for SEO purposes only

Getting content backlinks from real sites that get natural traffic and have never expired or gone through crazy re-designs is the ONLY way to tell Google that your site carries some proper authority and that it should push you up the serps.

You need the power of these links plus the authority these get in google’s eyes so that your previous backlinking makes sense and can actually take effect.

It's not uncommon to see movements in the serps after 1-2 days with these links if your site is healthy, aged, and has had some good SEO implemented; compared to PBNs that you might end up waiting weeks or even months to see some movement from what you did simply because they have to get through sandboxes, it’s the same for PBNs and money sites.

Want to see some samples?

Feel free to message us and we'll gladly show you!

Want a review copy? send us a message!


  • - You can use as many keywords and domains as you can, for example in an order of 5, the 5 can be each one to a different keyword and a different domain in a totally different niche.
  • - We will send you a full report of course, not a screenshot of one.
  • - These are a one time fee permanent backlinks.
  • - We accept foreign keywords and websites in all niches.
  • - We don’t need content, content will be already pre-written for you in the websites or we will get our staff to write it.
  • - Samples sent to you directly.
  • - The average metrics of the basic gig is: RDs 22, DA 22, TF 12.
  • - The basic gig sets a minimum DA of 10.
  • - TAT is 7 days for the basic gig.
  • - We don’t guarantee rank improvements immediately, SEO is a combination of many different factors, we only provide a tiny portion of a site’s total SEO efforts which is a specific type of backlinks.
  • - Please do not build backlinks to the websites we secured outreach guest posts for you. If we find link building we will reserve the right to remove the links from the posts.
  • - The basic gig is for 1 Link.
  • - Yes! You WILL  get a report, you won't have to wait for the links to appear in your crawlers


For higher metrics or bulk orders message me!
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