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If I told you that you can rank with "Social Signals" would you believe me?


Google has changed. Having juicy backlinks and a powerhouse PBN will not get you very far these days without social signals...


 With social signals you can

   -Double your current rankings

   -Turbo charge your Tier -1 PBN or Web2.0 Lninks

   -Build instant authority to a new SEO site

Did it ever happen to you that you buy Social Signals for a double digit price, and the seller delivers them all nicely wrapped and all, and then they are gone in a week? Well, if it didn't, that stuff happens all the time.

We will give you Facebook and Pinterest Social Signals that WILL outlive you. And if they drop because of divine interference, we will re-add them, add more, and make sure they stay, free of charge, of course!

You will be able to check Your Facebook and Pinterest Signals at all times at SharedCount website after we deliver them, and they WILL be there!

Social Signals are a MUST for ranking on Google and Facebook and Pinterest are the one of the most visited social platforms!

We accept all kinds of sites including, but not limited to:


  • Youtube Videos
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Web 2.0
  • Virtually any other type of link!

And all we require to start is an URL.

We also accept two URLs per order for split social signals.

On delivery you will be provided with a screenshot with totals from each network, a link to social signals checker, and URLs to Facebook debugger and your Pinterest Post.

Are you buying high number of social signals at a cheap price?

Do you know that these are done by a software bot so they come cheap?

Do you know that these cheap services can do more harm to your site than any good?

Why use cheap services for your social signal needs, and then end up incurring the wrath of google when I can carefully and manually do it.

Here is an Awesome Service for Increasing social engagement!

All you know, that SEO link building plan necessarily need to include sociaI signals strategy. This amazing gig is created to help you in this.

Comments in social network are indexed by Google. Comments are part of Google Ranking Factors. Pages with lots of comments is a signal of user-interaction and quality.

Using this gig you will increase your sociaI engagement!



- Only high trusted and PR sites

- High SociaI Signals Authority

- 100% Real and Safe

- All Natural and from Real Users

- Manual work

- No fake

- Worldwide Users

For 14$ (Basic) you will get - 1,800 Facebok Social Signals and 200 Pinterest Social Signals That Will Last Until The Universe Dies

Add Extra -

Standard - 4,500 Facebok Social Signals and 500 Pinterest Social Signals That Will Last Even After The Universe Dies

Premium - 10,500 Facebok Social Signals and 1,500 Pinterest Social Signals That Will Last Until The End Of Time
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