Editorial links - Get your links On Real Sites. RD 50+ Every Niche Available!

10 days estimated (15 days guaranteed) >
12 days on average

Links from REAL SITES that have never expired or gone into auction, they get REAL ORGANIC TRAFFIC daily from their readers. Links placed on AGED POSTS or PAGES guarantee to give your site more authority.

Why do you need editorial links?

•   Amazing results
•   Authority
•   Do follow
•   Safest link you can buy
•   You get link on niche relevant site
•   Traffic
•   Constant expansion of the sites you’re getting links on.
•   No footprint
•   Low Bounce rate of the sites
•   Social profile and followers

Backlinks continue to be the strongest ranking factor in the Google search algorithm. Without a strong backlink profile, a website is competing for organic traffic at a significant disadvantage.

One time only prices and you'll get a permanent do-follow link in an aged blog post from a real site with massive ranking power.
Sites will have low bounce rate, their own readers, rank their on keywords, and have clean link profile.
Niche authority sites are “stamp of approval” that can replace risks of shady sellers.

All niches available.

We operated for more than four years, and we’ve build formidable outreach database. With the constant addition of new contributors coming in we support all niches.

We do not charge monthly – one-time fee, eternal links

Links are permanent. As they are real sites they will never get negatively affected by any Google update.
Your investment will always be secured in years to come. We buy placements on aged posts within the sites that will not get affected by Google update. Links from real sites is white hat as you can go. It will signal to Google that your site is legitimate.

If your competitors are using grey hat or blackhat SEO it won’t be long until you push them under you. 2018 is year of quality not quantity.

Better than PBNs

Compared to PBN’s and other type of links, that are just ticking their time away. Our links do not any have footprints, they never expired, like PBN’s do.
Google now tracks everything and it won’t be long before it uses everything it knows to shut down PBN’s.
There is no such a thing as good pbn. They will always be cheap scalable copy of real site. Both in terms of power, readers, content and longevity.

Outsourcing any tools made exclusively for SEO might not hurt you now, but it definitely can hurt you in the future. Reckless, excessive backlinking can and will bring your investments in time. Relaying on someone to maintain the “natural” sites of the service with more than thousand PBN’s is just bad idea as that someone will always have sales and quantity in mind.

What do you get when you buy?

Permanent placement on real sites on aged posts.
Links from our service on real sites is natural as you naturally can get in SEO world.
Real sites in any niche that were never dropped or had crazy redesigns. They are always expanding, adding new posts and gaining authority due to organic links coming from other real sites. Each site has their author’s, webmasters, their own audience and purpose.
We’ll track your previous orders, meaning that you will never get same placement on the same site.

When will your link get placed?

It takes 3 to 15 days to buy the first placement. Excluding the dripping.
We allow link dripping for bigger orders.

What is referring domain?

"Referring domain, also known as "ref domain" in short RD, is a domain from which a backlink is pointing to a page or link." Meaning this number shows how many different domains(other sites) are pointing to the website we're buying placement on.
Base price ($22) of the link is in RD10-50 range. It has ten to fifty referring domains pointing to it.

What are the prices for single placements?

RD: 050 - 100 - $28
RD: 100 - 200 - $ 60
RD: 200 - 400 - $ 99
RD: 400+       - $129

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i am satisfied with the work! Thank you!
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Appreciate fast delivery!
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Is it possible to get niche related link? I have a multimeter blogs https://bestmultimeterreviews.org/. Not sure it possible or not. But, I will message your with details next week.
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