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***Please Note:  This is a service we charge local clients $1,500 for in our agency. And charge $3-$5,000 for Companies/Corporations (because there's more detail that goes into it)***

Benefits of Having Your Own Wikipedia Page:

1) Strong Authority Backlink

2) Naturally Ranks High in the Search Engines with low competitive keywords

3) Builds and Establishes authority within your market

4) Can be used as a very strong authoritive citation for local businesses.

5) Can be used as a Positive web property to grow your Reputation Management to replace negative online reviews.

It takes time and care to actually create a permanent page. This is the real deal with several SEO benefits that come with your own Wikipedia Business Page.

Feel free to reach out and place your order.

***Please Note...This can take 2 weeks or Longer as this process is very delicate***
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